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During my Graciella la Gitana Oracle© workshops, I noticed that participants have begun asking me the difference between oracle and tarot readings. I was a bit stumped. There are similarities but also differences. I knew that it was in the underpinning structure of the cards. Readers of both quest for knowledge. The readings are of a spiritual path. I’ve been reading tarot cards for years. The cards have never been my preferred way to read. I prefer to sit with a cigar and listen for the messages that come to me or the visualizations that tell me what I need to share. Sometimes the cards have almost seemed like a prop. It reminds me of one of my favorite characters, Ana in Covering the Sun with My Hand, who does call the cards a prop!

I’ve used the cards intuitively and made up spreads without seeking outside counsel. I’ve picked them based on their design and my attraction to them. I don’t even really remember from where I’ve picked them up. The woman who reads for me uses cards that I’ve never seen anywhere but I don’t think those cards are even tarot. But maybe they are. They are delicate, rare, and beautiful.

Because I was asked about my knowledge of tarot I decided to take a class. I attended one at the Open Center given by Robert M. Place. I had no idea who he was but was happy to find he has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and is willing to teach what he knows. Did I mention he’s a nice guy? No ego disruptions during class. It was a three week, once a week, introductory course. I learned the history, the background, and how to read the cards in ways I’d never thought of.

What was great for me was the affirmation of how I’ve been treating the cards intuitively. Meditating with the cards, learning the symbols and my attribution of symbolic meaning based on my personal reflections and experience has definitely been the way to go. This is exactly how I created the oracle with Graciella whispering in my ear exactly what I needed to hear. When I originally began designing the cards with the scrawls and illustrations I thought I was designing a tarot. But it wasn’t moving. I had my expert friend-sister read her deck for me. It turned out that it wasn’t a tarot but an oracle. At that point, I began listening for the concepts and the project took on a life of its own. Dynamic! I shared my vision with my daughter who then began illustrating based on my child-like drawings.

The help that my spirit guide, Graciella, has given me is amazing. Her over-arching theme is of Compassionate Consciousness©. We’re writing a book that describes this but also provides details about each concept portrayed in the oracle. I sit in meditation with the cards during the time of the dark. Afterwards, I sit and journal what Graciella wants me to jot down. She frequently surprises me with her take on things. We’re working steadily to get this book out to you.

Ultimately, I’ve learned that the cards are not a prop. I’ve learned that using my creativity in designing spreads is exactly what I did and should continue to do. Traveling this oracle journey with a stopover at tarot has been enriching and I will continue that too. I hope that you join me on this spiritual journey.

I’m adding the link to the Graciella la Gitana Oracle on Amazon at the bottom of this post. They are available here in this website shop located on the top banner but on Amazon they are discounted by 15% until May 31st. Order a set for you and a loved one. If you are interested in attending a workshop the next one will be in Brooklyn on July 27th. I’ll add another Eventbrite for that. The cost for the workshops are twenty dollars. If you host one at your home, you, of course, attend for free.

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