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This weekend we accomplished so many things. The most important was grooming our doggies. They are summer ready now. We hung out for a while and then decided that an early evening walk was in order. I’m still recuperating from all the book events of last week that were amazing. The walk in the park, my favorite playground, was calming, restful, and meditative. It was a great way to end a lovely Sunday.

I burnt a good bit of sage in the abalone shell and smudged myself and the deck and most of the apartment to be exact. I remembered to open the window so all the energy that doesn’t belong in the room could leave. I centered and asked Graciella what is it that she wanted to share this week. I shuffled the cards, fanned them out on the desk and closed my eyes allowing my fingers to find the concept. The fool/tonto card was revealed. Who wants that? Especially after pulling it last week. I had thought carefully about my choices that day, not wanting to be foolish. It wasn’t until the end of the day when I was about to fall asleep that I realized the situation when my foolishness occurred. But let’s move on to this week’s reading.

The image is that of a man reaching through clear waters for a treasure. He is not looking toward it though and is distracted by a shiny light coming his way. I usually see this light as card headlights, but today I rather think it’s an explosion happening somewhere in the forest. There is a rabbit, that I know to be symbolic of fertility but also of fear. The rabbit is usually a careful sort who resides in his warren with this friends, family, and brood. The network he or she has created is meant for safety. These connections of burrows are made carefully and wisely. It’s significant that this rabbit has stepped out of his safety zone. What actions are you planning to take this week that may cause distress? Is your eye on the prize? Is it worth it? The man is holding a purple cloth in his left hand. I believe it’s a sack to put his stolen treasures in. Will you be caught in the act of something that may not be the wisest choice? The notion of coming out of one’s comfort area can be a frightening one. Be certain that when take an action this week, it is a thoughtfully made one. There is no need to do anything alone. Taking a chance is recommended and can be fun. But make sure it’s one that can withstand the light and doesn’t have to be hidden in the dark.

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa


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