The Full Thunder Moon

This July Full Thunder Moon is also known as the Full Buck Moon. There is also a partial eclipse that we won’t see in North America and last, but not least, Mercury is in retrograde. Have you run for the hills yet?

The Thunder Moon is aptly named because of the many thunderstorms that take place in July. We give thanks for the waters that drench the parched earth. As always, it’s a time to pray for the Earth’s balance as some areas are deluged with floods while others are arid. The clouds conspire to reveal or conceal what should be known. Last evening’s Brooklyn sky showed the moon cloaked in secrecy. What is it that I should know I asked in my prayer to the moon last night. Will the eclipse reveal it?

Be like the buck and stay rooted and grounded if you’re unsure in any situation. The buck flees swiftly if he senses danger. The buck’s set of antlers show that he’s achieved a state of grace, maturity, and wisdom. This is the perfect energy when Mercury is in retrograde. Take a few moments to be certain of the actions you should take before engaging in what might be a miscommunication due to haste.

I believe that so many posts and writings about the moon are popular and we yearn to commune with the moon’s energy and have her wisdom behind us. But are we in tune with the moon on a daily basis or just when we see a splash of excitement? A blood moon!! An eclipse!! A full moon!!

Acquaint yourself with the waxing and waning energies of the moon all month long. What do the phases mean for you personally? Grandmother Moon has much to tell if only we’d listen.

In the light of the silvery moon,


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