Rowing down that river

The Emmons Avenue bay that looks like a small river

Life can be a river. We encounter rocks that throw us off balance. We slip and slide as our canoes lurch along. We hang on to the oars as our kayaks hurtle through unseen falls that crop up when we least expect it. I’ve been away from my website since the end of July. We’re now deep into September. I had a series of glitches that I couldn’t fix. I couldn’t post. I had to reach out for help. Fortunately I was connected with a very bright and lovely woman who went behind the scenes to fix it all. She’s done a wonderful job! Thank you, Piper!

When I got back on I decided to change my website look. Ho-hum! It had to be clear, easy to use, and lighter than the previous setting. I like it. What do you think? I also thought about this extended leave from blogging. Is there anything I’d like to do differently? Yes, but time takes time. Now’s a good time to talk about my current in-progress creative works. There are plenty of them. If only in the thinking stage. That’s an important phase of development too.

My second Daisy novel is going strong. Right now I’m calling it Murder at the Gowanus Canal. Anyone who lives in Brooklyn knows about the Gowanus. It’s the perfect backdrop for a murder. In fact, if you’ve driven on the Gowanus Expressway, you might want to murder someone. The traffic is awful twenty four hours a day. Daisy encounters some unexpected complications with her beau, Rod. There’s more to him then we ever expected. I’m the first to admit that. When I write I hear the story for the first time. You’ll be surprised too, I bet. Jose and Rubio, my best couple of all times, have problems that aren’t for the weak of heart but remember this is a cozy. Wrap yourself in blankets to read it when it’s published. That will still take a while. I’m halfway through the tale and it’s a good one, if I may say so myself. Thank you!

Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide, is ever encouraging me to go further. We are deep in meditation together many nights as she shares her insights on the concepts of her oracle. The lyrical prosy poems were not enough for her. She’s also showing me some new spreads that will be in this book. If it were up to her I’d be done already. I think things go faster in spirit world. I have to stop to make tea. To light candles. To smudge. I wish I had Samantha’s nose. You remember Bewitched, don’t you?

Those are two of my current endeavors. I do want to keep you updated as to events coming up. October 13 is the Festival of Books in East Harlem, NYC, and November 23 is the ever amazing Comité Noviembre at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. I’ll be at both. Will you? Sign up for my newsletter so you can know all the news as soon I get it. The link is to the right of this blog on this page.

Love that we’re together again

Theresa (Graciella says hi too! )


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