Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- Intimacy

Graciella la Gitana Oracle-Intimacy

While it may seem that the light glare in this frame is due to the photographer’s (moi) amateur status, I see something else. There is shadow in this frame and immediately above the image of the couple is a shining light. I’ve recently come from a pilgrimage across parts of France into Spain on a quest to know the Black Madonna. I’m still processing the journey. I’ve thought of writing a blog post about it, but it’s still a blur.

People have asked me what my favorite parts were. The food? The desserts? How was the travel? Surprisingly, there’s so much I haven’t been able to answer. What I can honestly say is that I feel as though my DNA or my energy patterns have changed. It’s going to take a while, if ever, that I can speak to this trip fully.

In pulling the Intimacy/Intimidad card, I speak for myself and Graciella regarding the subtleties of relationship. There are our relationships with others that on the surface I see in this card. As I gaze more deeply into the image I see myself and my relationship with both my masculine and feminine aspects. They seem to be in profound marriage. My polarities have wed. I am both in the darkness and in the light. When I sat in a crypt in Montserrat, I heard the clear message to spend as much time in the light as I do in the dark. While I should spend time with my shadowy private self in meditation and in prayer with my Higher Power, I should also share my joy with others in the light of the world that I’m privileged to experience.

During the trip, I was in constant rhythm of rising from crypts to gardens to mountain tops. I gifted myself with communion of life in all places. These rhythms are reminiscent of what I experience with the ebb and flow of the oceans when I visit the shores.

These perceptions are wholly unexpected by me as I offer this week’s reading. Graciella tells me to share this narrative as I describe this read on Intimacy. She asks that you contemplate this reading and observe how it is in union with your story this week, this day, this moment. That we are all aspects of each other and this is how we share and learn. She reminds me to share her love for you. It is deep. Remember that Graciella’s purpose in reaching out through the veils to us is about love and compassion.

May your heart and mind be in peace,

Graciella and Theresa


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