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What is so wonderful about this buffoon is that he is us. We are him. How often are we unable to see our true reflections and how we are seen in the world? I think, in my case, often. Are you downplaying yourself? Not allowing yourself the full glory that you are? Maybe old tapes continue to rewind and you are unable to listen to your inner being because the old beliefs take precedent over the self knowledge that might be benefitting to you- if only you’d let it.

Or maybe it’s the opposite! Oh my! Maybe your ego has spoken a little too loudly and not allowed the true spirit of what you are made of shine through. The idea of going from novice to expert entails a process. One that may take longer than you’d like. Have you just completed a program and are now about to teach? That’s fine. But what about the experts who are seasoned and have years of experience who you are eating lunch with? Maybe it’s time to take a listen. A listen and learn break.

Not all sizes fit all- as much as we’d like to believe they do. Allow the expert assist you in finding your feet again. Land gently on the earth or in the water as our friend in the image probably will. Don’t allow yourself to be blocked because you are missing your true essence or asking for feedback from someone who also doesn’t see you as you are- a special light in this space and time.

Graciella insists that I send her love and wishes for goodness in your lives. That is her and my desire for you! And don’t forget to take time to meditate!

With love,

Graciella and Theresa


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