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Sometimes we enjoy the solitude that the winter brings. I spent the day at La Fortaleza Project event at PS 109 Art Space in East Harlem. The joy for me was the creativity, the music, the spoken word, the read word, the dancing, and especially the smiles of the bright eyed children. Each person shared their aché- their individual inherent power- something we all have. I’d mentioned to a fellow author that the day was unnatural for writers. We usually spend our time alone tapping out words and here we were reading and speaking aloud, networking, dancing, and feeling the rhythm of the drum beat in our souls. What I may think of as unnatural was actually quite natural.

The paradox of being in stillness is moving in tandem with the outside world. Our inside forces keep time with the outside forces. Energetically, we are both. Dynamic and still. Active and quiet. Yin and yang. The winter card tells us that there is life teeming under what seems to be dormant. Cycles of life are made of rest, then rejuvenation and, ultimately, bears fruit when the timing is right.

I’m a fan of Chani Nicholas whose astrological reads are astounding in their detail and sensitivity to all of life’s cycles. I spent some time on her website today as we are in the full moon. The Hunter’s Moon. I’ve tried to think of what I can share about the full moon this month as I usually write a post on the full moon and what it’s meaning is for me that I can share. When I think of an aspect of Chani’s reading that speaks about the finishing up of projects, Graciella’s winter card read, and the full moon, it all becomes quite heady.

The message I receive that I share with you is to think about what it is that you’ve been hunting for. Hunting as the hunter does, quietly in wait for its prey. Underneath the blanketed snow, what seeds have you sown? What creations and projects have not bloomed when you thought they would? What have you wanted with all of your heart? What have you allowed to languish because self-sabotage became stronger than self-motivation?

Graciella says that sometimes we must wait for nature’s law to kick in. We may be ready to strike but our prey has found itself a comfy corner in the field next to ours. Do we betray our instincts by giving up? Or do we rearrange ourselves comfortably while we wait? We may pick up other projects. We may work on shorter term objectives while our goal gathers the natural energy and the okay that the time is right for completion. Achieving our goals is about us, but also about allowing for Something Higher to announce that our Spring has arrived. Be at peace in your heart during this beautiful full moon. Be at peace waiting for your rhythmic cycle to dance its way towards you. Be at peace.

Much love and gratitude,

Graciella and Theresa

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