¡Comité Noviembre!

Every year I want to write a blog post about the most enjoyable event of the year for Puerto Rican Artists and Authors. The formal name is National Puerto Rican Artisans Fair and Book Expo. I think. It’s brought to us by PRIDA Puerto Rican Institute for the Development of the Arts. The event takes place annually at Hostos Community College on the Thursday before Thanksgiving. It’s an amazing way to begin holiday shopping for our loved ones and for the authors and artists to showcase their work in what otherwise proves to be a great challenge in New York City.

Luis Cordero, Olga Ayala, Teresa A. Santiago and Yadhira Gonzalez work tirelessly to make this an outstanding event. There are countless others, especially volunteers, who are involved, so be sure to look at the link I’ll provide at the bottom of this page for PRIDA so you can know all about it and how it transpires.

I haven’t made it to the workshops where participants learn to dance Bomba with Milteri Tucker, making of Vejigante masks by Felipe Rangel, or the children’s workshop with Teresa A. Santiago who tells the Story of the Three Kings. I’m stationed at my shared table and usually spend a few minutes at the mic reading from one of my latest novels.

Here are some photos that my spouse, Patricia Dornelles, and I took of friends, old and new, who stopped by our table and of some of the products we had on had this year. Every year is a new event with different items and books that we’ve created over the past twelve months.

Me, Theresa Varela, and a table full of creativity
Patricia Dornelles and Gloria Rodriguez

Graciella’s oracle and Pat’s photo creativity
Ella Santos and me
A new friend and me
Me, Pat Dornelles, Manuel Melendez, and Maria Aponte
Latanya DeVaughn, Manual Melendez, and me

I ‘m already anticipating next year’s event. I hope you will be there too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

PRIDA: https://www.prida.org/


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