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This isn’t a mirage. You’re right. You’ve just seen this card during this past week’s reading. It’s so interesting when Graciella repeats a reading. I wonder what we missed last week in the reading. Probably nothing at all. Sometimes we need to revisit a concept. Life is like that. Nothing is ever done and over with. Maybe some things are, like graduating from high school and never having to do that again. But we usually revisit things repeatedly, albeit in a different form.

What haven’t we spoken about? The message is truly about giving thanks to the Earth for all that She does for us. The image on the card depicts pouring libations, offering coins, or a piece of fruit to the Earth. When we do so we do it with joy and thankfulness for the gifts that it has rendered us. Thanksgiving is coming in a few weeks. I’m grateful each and everyday. This season, for me, brings nostalgia and the grief train is back in the station. All aboard! This year it will be twenty years since my Mom crossed over. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. She crossed over when she was fifteen and I was eleven. Awful. I still have memories of her birthday parties and dancing to Mash Potato Time! I miss her terribly. I think of my Dad who crossed over last January. Last Thanksgiving we took him to a restaurant for a pancake brunch. We totally enjoyed it. This is my first holiday season without him. He was my longest relationship. He knew me from birth! I miss him and have visions of his grace as his energy was waning. I still have relationship with the three of them and also have gratitude for the vivid memories of each singly and together.

This post isn’t really about grief and loss. It’s about giving thanks for the abundance we’re provided with in this lifetime. Instead of complaining about what we don’t have or wishing for what we’d like to have, or being upset with the way things are on the planet, we can give thanks for what there is. Keep it real. Maybe there is illness, but there is life and hope. Maybe situational events aren’t exactly as we’d wish them to be, but we can find something to thank the Earth for this week.

We’re gifted with people who love us, an employer who supports our returning to school, a friend who tell us that we have a piece of lettuce stuck in our teeth. Take a moment each day this week to give thanks for something or someone in your life. Say your thanks out loud. Make sure that they are aware that you are grateful for them. Let’s see how we feel on Thanksgiving day, next week, after engaging in this practice. Graciella and I would love to hear your exoerience. Leave a comment.

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With love,

Graciella and Theresa


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