Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- Star/Estrella

Graciella la Gitana Oracle Star card

The last couple of weeks, Graciella has reminded us to give back to the Earth for all that it gives us. We are abundant with resources, yet in many areas we take advantage of them, feel that we are entitled for the good of the Earth, and watch its decline in growth in not only vegetation but in love and compassion for each other. I, for sure, thought this would be the message again for this Thanksgiving week. No. Graciella had other messages for us today. When we pulled the card from the deck, lo and behold, it was the Star/Estrella card.

The description of the meaning speaks to the randomness of thoughts and the chaos that is afoot. We are scattered beings and are encouraged to find order in the patterns in which we live. Granted, we’re not often expecting relatives and friends the day after humpday. We’ve worked a few days and have managed to go food shopping and to begin some food prep. We prepare for upheaval.

The image on the card shows the female leaving an estate, dressed in finery, her expression is sad, and due to her position she is missing the beauty of the shooting star. These stars aren’t seen frequently in the city due to light and air pollution. Although there is chaos in the air, the constellation of stars assures us that there is a rhythm and order to our lives. We are encouraged to follow the order. Have you become acquainted with your astrological birth chart yet? Do you know your rising sign and moon sign as well as your sun sign? Get to know the patterns that can create a stabilizing force for us as the ups and downs of our times can make things seemingly unconquerable.

While you are a star, remember that the sky is filled with other stars. Shine your shine this week while allowing others to shine theirs too. Family get-togethers are perfect opportunities to share the spotlight. We are all worthy, whether we agree or not with others’ thoughts and actions.

Be one star in the sky. Together we create a magnificent constellation.


Graciella and Theresa


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