Reading Playing Cards

I’m like a kid in an old-fashioned Candy Shoppe. Now that I think about it, this morning I pulled my daily Graciella la Gitana Oracle card and drew the Rascal. I wondered how it would show itself today. I’m that kid that’s playing with a new toy. In this case it’s regular playing cards.

Bicycle playing cards

Early this morning as I was writing my second Daisy mystery novel pages, I had the inclination to pull a card for Daisy, my protagonist, who you know is learning to develop her intuition in working with tarot decks, attending misas, meditating, and doing all those things to grow spiritually. She and her beau, David Rodriguez or Rod as he’s called by his friends, decided to pull one to gain insight into their relationship. So picture Daisy closing her eyes and grabbing a deck from her basket filled with tarot decks and oracle sets. Surprisingly, she comes up with regular playing cards. She doesn’t remember putting them in there. Although she’s had the cards a long time, a large part of her life has been in a blackout. She doesn’t remember all the details of her life. Only most of them. The important ones. We hope.

Anyway, I have the decks in my basket and pull them for my protagonist when I write those types of scenes and the cards inform how the story line develops. I also did that for Covering the Sun with My Hand, my first novel. Julia Acevedo received some intense readings from Ana, the Espiritista.

I read the eight of diamonds- the card that emerged from the deck. You’ll have to read the book when it’s published in order to know how I interpreted the cards, but I felt very comfortable reading the symbols and numbers and interpreting them for Daisy and Rod. Such a cool way to spend my early morning hours. Reading and writing. The best!

If you’re interested in reading Daisy’s first mystery, I’m adding the link here for either soft copy or Kindle. Just click on the image of the book below and I’m adding some links that seem interesting in learning how to read a playing card deck. I will be continuing to use them comparing my own intuitions with the what I read on various websites. Also don’t forget Comité Noviembre is Saturday at Hostos Community College. See you there!

Links to Reading with Playing Card Decks. I’m still checking these out while I formulate my own ideas.

See you Saturday!




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