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When shuffling the cards for this reading, this one fell out of the deck. It
wanted to show itself. The concept is so eager to take its place in the front
of the room this week. I replaced the card back in the deck, finished
shuffling, and centered thoroughly while asking Graciella to share her message.
Again, the Kindness/Caridad card came shining through.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

I find myself calling this card the Compassion card. The image is lovely and
shows hands reaching out holding a beautiful flower. Is the person holding the
flower extending or receiving the gift of kindness? Just like the dark blue
waters with frothy edges, filled with the tender pink shells reflecting the
stars of the Mother, the tides ebb and flow. Give and receive. Allow yourself
both this week as most of us return to the public after a long Thanksgiving
weekend. Maybe you’ve worked hard contending with consumers during these last
few days that are focused on shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Maybe, you
will be the one to stay home during the week, putting your feet up, or taking a
bath filled with lavender salts. It’s possible that the holiday wasn’t kind,
and you’ve dealt with grief, loss, or the bad tempers of those around you.

Whether you’re in a place of inner peace or not, the message is to be kind to yourself and the two-legged and the four-legged creations who you meet this
week. And to those who fly and crawl and swim for that matter. Isn’t that a
simple message? Yes, on the surface, but not so easy when we encounter
different energies that may not resonate with ours.

By not judging, criticizing, and pointing out what we perceive as others’ faults, we can enjoy the overall message of Graciella’s work that is about walking in Compassionate Consciousness on this Earth. Try doing that with yourself as the focus and you may find that is a challenge too. Many of us have incorporated the messages that I’m not good enough, I will never succeed, or I have no value. Turn that kindness in toward your heart and practice saying I am good enough, I am made of love, I deserve to be loved, I am a light beam that my HP put on this Earth to shine. How does that feel? Do you believe those words?

My karate teacher, Sensei Ted Pritchard, use to tell us that “You are who you practice to be.” I believed those words years ago and still believe them today. I use them in a different context, but they are true today as well. Turn the light of kindness in toward yourself and see how the glow emanates from you towards the those in your life. What a beautiful brightness we see!


Theresa and Graciella


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