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This image is quite apropos to the parties we anticipate in some way this coming pre-holiday week. Are you going to the office gala? Are you the toast of the ball? Or are there others behind the scenes who are twittering about your self-imposed glory? The answer may be yes to both scenarios. The image of the woman walking down the grand staircase may signify so many things. There is the beauty of self apparent in her dress, her demeanor, and her carriage. She holds herself away from the other women and the men seem to be toasting her.

I wonder about this position of self. It seems quite wonderful to be toasted. But is her bearing one that can be sustained? We all like to be the belle of the ball. Everyone’s head turns as we sweep majestically down the stairs. Our champagne glasses are replaced or filled as quickly as they are emptied.

I note the women that stand above her on the landing are wearing dresses that are similar in brightness and style. What separates our heroine from the others? The hands of one woman seem to be in a position of despair. One woman moves forward while the others are left behind. The scenario can be quite different though. It is possible that our lady in red, a color of passion, daring, and fire is actually leading the way for the others to follow.

Heed the caution of this card. Separating from one’s herd may be needed in order to fulfill goals and dreams, as long they are not false ideas and wouldn’t be beneficial to one’s good. Are you ready to separate? Those who are not part of the herd are usually the first ones to be picked off by predators. Reflect on your true status before taking on your daring venture.

It might be wise to fill your glass with milk. Nurture yourself. Fill yourself with knowledge about your actions prior to taking them. The results may be up to you.

Happy week before the holidays. Take some time to rest, relax, and recover!


Theresa and Graciella


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