Dreaming in a new decade: 2020

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Do you remember your dreams? The ones you have in the night? I often do. A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was a staff nurse again after a long hiatus. I wasn’t doing a very good job. My patient who was a female was just not going to make it. A different nurse, a young woman, came in and the patient woke up and I had the sense the patient was going to recover. I had different interpretations of that dream. The one that stays with me now is to move on when the time has come. Our dreams can coincide healthily with those of others too. I think of the old dreams I had in the middle of the day. My daydreams. Those thoughts led to my many desires and visions. I couldn’t help but contemplate what I’ve accomplished and what I haven’t. Have you been thinking of your dreams too? 2020 has arrived.

My dreams have changed over the years. I remember a big one was to be a nursing supervisor in the hospital I worked at in lower Manhattan. Wearing a lab coat over a pretty dress while carrying a clipboard with I-don’t-know-what on it was something I strived for. I also had a futile dream. One in which I was an Olympic ice skater twirling along the ice with my skirt flipping to Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway singing about love. Those were memorable. They didn’t come to fruition because I didn’t put the step work into them that would have ensured success.

Over the years, with lots of inner work and outside help, other dreams have come true for me. I remember telling a friend over thirty years ago that I wanted to write a children’s book. I haven’t yet. The nugget of the story is embedded in my heart and in a notebook where I’ve written ideas and character descriptions. A pocket in the notebook holds a drawing my daughter created for me of the characters. They are alive and their stories will be on paper in book form if I continue to work at it. I’ve realized that some of my projects take years to complete, if I stay on the course.

I’ve written a list of dreams that I would like to come to fruition in 2020. I’ll place these on my 2020 vision board sometime today. I write words on my vision board because that is my venue. Other folks use pictures and I may sprinkle a few on my board. I will be sure to leave an open space for Spirit to come through with Spirit’s vision for me. There may be some things that I’m not ready for and other things that I am that I’m not aware of yet. I embrace what Spirit knows. I don’t know as much and I’m content with that. I don’t have all my answers. That’s one of the reasons that I embrace the knowing of my Higher Power.

My vision for 2020 includes remain close with my family members, dating my spouse, a few writing projects, and travel. These visions are fulfilled by listening, picking up the phone, sitting at my desk, solitary runs, prayer, and meditation. These actions bring me to a level of serenity that I quickly lose when I forget to do them. I have a sweet feeling about this coming year. I hope you do too. I gently allow the pains and joys of the past year and decade wash through me and move along the river waters of my life. I gently accept the experiences my Higher Power has for me this coming year and decade.

What dreams do you have for 2020? Are you creating a vision board? How do you ensure that your visions and dreams come to fruition? Do you allow for an open space for your Higher Power to come through for you?

In joy and light and the clarity only 2020 can bring,



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  1. I met someone in my dream and got her exact name. I ask her what year are we and she answered me year 1811. But i dont know her in real life. I told her im from year 2020.

    1. These are my favorite type of dreams. Interacting with others during lucid dreaming is surprising and yet feels so true. I believe that it is another aspect of our realities that we are gifted with! Happy dreaming. Thanks for visiting.


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