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Graciella la Gitana Oracle – The Rascal

I love the image of the rascal and the wily expression on his little face. This child figure is both young and old simultaneously. The little white dog, a symbol of fidelity, is strutting happily along side the rascal. There is the dark figure of someone watching in the wings. The fruit and vegetable stores are abundant with stock. Is the child planning to make a heist? Grab one of the fruit and run? Or is he innocently playing with the old fashioned hoop that is not seen as a toy in today’s world. I think of the many children who are stuck indoors playing video games. There are so many children who are unable to get into the naïve troubles of the past. The situations that help them to grow and learn life’s lessons. Some of the children of days gone by had to steal in order to help ensure that their families were fed. Young one’s had to be old. This is what I see in today’s oracle card.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

This week, Graciella wants you to be aware of the innocence we or others bring to us. We shouldn’t take for granted what we see in the outside reflection. There is wisdom from the young. Or maybe we are to impart some wisdom to those who come behind us in the line of humanity. A child is just that- a child. Sometimes old ones believe that the child knows or should know more than they do. That is something that one might bring in to an interaction that isn’t exactly founded in truth.

On the other hand, we may need to bring a sense of innocence and play to the little one or the elder who has lost their ability to embody the joy of life. We may not be aware of who that is that comes to us. That being may have a child-like characteristics and while their actions may be a challenge to discern because of their outside appearance, Graciella suggests meeting them with the quality of gentleness and compassion. Those concepts go a long way in nurturing the kindness that may needed in a situation where you might feel a cocotazo, hard rap, to the head would suffice. More will be revealed in this situation.

In love and kindness,

Graciella and Theresa


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