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Graciella la Gitana Oracle Intimacy-Intimidad

The chosen card for this week is Intimacy/Intimidad. It’s almost shocking in that the word Intimidad brings to mind the word Intimidate. Wow! I might have thought that before but not so deeply as today. Graciella wanted me to see that as I channel her week message.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

When we are working a genuinely true, loyal, loving relationship we are bound to consider how intimate we will be with other. The usual intimation (like how I did that?) is that intimacy, in our common usage of the word, is of a sexual nature. That may well be so, but there are so many other levels to cross prior to or alongside those activities.

Do I trust the person that I’m allowing to close to me? If I don’t, will I accept my intuitions or will I give that person a chance to show me who they truly are. It’s very likely that they remind me of someone who’s made me uncomfortable before and I treat them as I would that other person.

At some point, when I worked monthly in a food coop there was a woman who was really mean to me and either ignored me, or barred her teeth at me. I tried to ignore her because I liked the job I was engaged in. Eventually, she shared that she realized I reminded her of a teacher she once had. After that we were able to communicate in a different way. She did apologize. Life was easier after that. We both were grateful. This is not to mean that you shouldn’t listen to your hunch or first feeling. That is something we are meant to rely on, it is an inborn part of ourselves that we should acknowledge and nurture.

This week, Graciella asks you to observe your boundaries. Are they too open or are they wedged shut? Can you use a filter to help you sift through what is yours as you develop your new relationship with either someone else or yourself? Be cautionary. Life and the ways we handle it aren’t really as quicksilvery as we encounter on social media where life seems to happen faster than reality. Be open but allow yourself to be in the grey as long as you need to. Life is not a race.

In love and light,

Graciella and Theresa


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