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There’s a cold rain in New York and a chill that I pulled my collar up against as I walked our two dogs earlier this evening. I wasn’t too happy since Gingy’s 16lb. little body turns into 50lb. rock when she doesn’t want to venture out in weather that seeps through coat, sweater, and skin. Cold and wet. I’d almost forgotten that this week’s card is of the concept of Water/Agua.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle Water/Agua image
Graciella la Gitana Oracle Water/Agua image

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

Earlier today, I had pulled this week’s card. It was the Water/ Agua card. Water is fascinating in that it can take so many forms. It’s one of those materials that can be solid, liquid, or gaseous. Amazing, don’t you think? Water can wear down rocks. Water can become a place of tranquility and relaxation. A waterfall that we stand under shouting with glee is the same as that which we can turn a hose on someone in full force to stop them from taking action such as in a demonstration. We can all think of a million ways that water serves us. Without water ingested there is no life. Just ask that tree that no one watered when it was planted. Just ask a child whose lost his or her life as well. Without water there can be tragedy.

The concept card for water shows two children having a great time playing with this magical substance. Unconscious of the problems of the world. Or maybe they are conscious but are still taking time for innocent fun. The message of the card is to allow the feminine principle of water to enter your mind. Be like the water. Flow gently down a stream. Gush like a geyser. Allow yourself to be under the direction of the Great Feminine. She is there to protect you, loves to hear your laughter, and asks for you to protect Her too. Take care of the waters of your environment. Turn off the tap. Save some. Cleanse yourself of woes. Take a spiritual bath. When drinking a glass, imagine its healing properties course through your physical being.

In what ways have you cherished water? In what ways might you have abused this gift of the Mother? What can you do differently to honor the gift that you received from nature’s love?

Sit with a bowl of water. Scry. Listen to it. Gaze at the images that may reveal themselves to you. What does it all mean? Solidify your relationship with water this week. Engage in the experience of wonder and love.

In breath and kindness,

Graciella and Theresa


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