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Between yesterday and today, we entered a period called Mercury in retrograde. Of course, my internet was awry all day. That happened right on cue. Be sure to note that communications may be amiss. Don’t be so hard on yourself or others. There’s much more up in the air than our cluelessness. Maybe someone didn’t return a call. Maybe there’s an email that never made it to an intended person. These are the things we experience when Mercury is in retrograde. What we can do is be mindful, go slow with the tides, and not try to escalate matters. This period will last until March 10, 2020. We can look at this time as one of taking a break in aggressive communications, we should read all the fine print, and be cognizant of going with the flow. Mercury as matter is slippery, toxic, and can fall easily between the cracks. It’s a trickster, as Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Mercury, can be. Breathe. In fact, it’s a good time to read up on Hermes the good old fashioned way- with a book. Not in the electronic realm. That may prove to be irritating as electronics are the first to go kaput during these periods. I’m not mad at Mercury though. We all need to go retrograde every once in a while.

This week’s Graciella la Gitana card is The Friendship/Amistad card. Graciella’s message about friendship is that it is one of the cornerstones of love and life. Building friendships slowly is the groundwork for lasting relationships. We sometimes meet people and, because of their bonds with others we care for, we may assume that we will have a firm friendship with that person too. We trust our first bonds and believe that a new bond or link will naturally grow from that one. Not so. Take your time. Get to know that new person before confiding in them. Have a cup of coffee with them before having a seven-course meal. What does your gut or intuition tell you? Are they too easy? Or conversely, too complicated? All good things take time. A fruit ripens slowly. A flower buds just as slowly. How quickly did it take you to load your bracelet with charms? Was it too quickly and now you don’t have room for any more charms?

In my first book, Covering the Sun with My Hand, Julia calls her friend, Carrie (named for Caridad del Cobre), her lucky charm. The two know each other for years and have been through the thick of it together and often apart, but always coming back to each other to drink from the flute of friendship. A literary friend of mine calls my spouse, “Our lucky charm.” This was only after attending several book events where we noticed a difference in our marketing energy field when she sits with us. We didn’t notice it right away. It’s been years now.

Friendship takes time. We must give time time as we grow our relationships with others and more especially with ourselves. Take yourself out to coffee and you may find you like yourself enough to have a seven course meal with you too.


Graciella and Theresa


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