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Can you imagine your inner world and your outer world being one and the same? This past autumn I traveled to France and Spain on a Black Madonna tour. It was with a private group of women who’ve traveled together before- on similar spiritual paths. Not entirely, but we all have the same core beliefs and practice them in different ways. On the trip, I realized that my inner world was being reflected in the outer one. It wasn’t altogether comfortable.

Throughout my life as an adult, I’ve had dreams of men coming into the bathrooms I’ve stood in. The men are usually black, they are standing in the stall, coming into the bathroom, or just walking through. There’s never been violence or anything truly uncomfortable happening in the dreams. As I’ve done much emotional processing and spiritual work, the bathrooms themselves have upgraded. Sometimes they are camp-like bathrooms with loads of people walking in and out. One bathroom door had the name of a person written on it that I knew only through conversation. This post isn’t about my lucid dreams but it’s pertinent.

When I landed in Paris, I went to the women’s bathroom but it was closed for repair. I had to head over to another bathroom and stood in line for the disabled private one because I was in a men’s room. From then on I’d say men were in the bathroom about four or five times on that trip for various reasons. None of which, I thought was a good enough reason. I have men in my life but sharing with strangers, seeing them with their backs turned toward me, was symbolic of something. It was probably at the third bathroom, I shared the fact that my day life had turned into my dream world with the other women. These bizarre, surreal bathroom experiences assured me that my life was turning upside down and inside out and I knew intuitively to hang on for the ride. This message had never been as blatantly given to me as during that adventure. I’m still holding on.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words, wisdom, and sentiment- Theresa

This morning, I pulled this week’s card. I felt Graciella’s presence thickly in my being. She is here. I put the card near to my laptop to begin writing this post and lo and behold, the image matched the screen saver.

So, I believe that I’m somehow back in that world of inner and outer reflection. That is the message for you this week. Allow your inner and outer worlds to reflect each other. Observe how what you want to manifest in the external must first be manifested inside or sometimes vice versa. Have you thought about taking a yoga class or a meditation group but were too irritated to take part or just put it off for when you felt calmer? The two must be synchronous but in order to do that it takes practice. I probably wrote this before, but my Karate sensei used to tell us you are who you practice to be. That still holds a special place in my heart and in my actions.

Look at the picture above and note how accurately the spiritual card is reflected in a photo taken by someone else, in some other place, in another time. The Universes brought them together today. Graciella’s charge in her spiritual life is to bring compassion to the plane upon which we live. When we practice of the act of compassion to another it allows us and encourages us to practice acts of compassion toward ourselves. The lake in the image depicts the mirror-like interaction.

Reflect the peaceful, loving, compassionate person that you are into the world and watch it manifest in your daily life.

All is made beautiful,

Graciella and Theresa


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