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Back in the saddle or I should say in seclusion. Not that I’ve left . I did go to work a couple of mornings last week as essential personnel. I had my letter from the government allowing me to go there. By Wednesday, I knew I had to work from home. Too many close ups. I’m not ready for anymore at this juncture of the viral spread. I’m doing my part. I’m staying home except for needed walks for my doggies, a run here and there and occasional grocery shopping.

This morning I pulled the weekly card from my Graciella deck. Lo and behold! Of course! I pulled the Prisoner/Prisionera card. Could any card be more accurate of today’s state of affairs? I think not.

Prisoner/Prisionera Card from the Graciella la Gitana Oracle

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

The image of the woman sitting in prison, behind bars, looks to be a melancholy one. When will release happen? The sadness that is in her countenance is felt. The countdown scrawled on the wall says so much to each of us in a personal way.

If we look closely we see the sun rising in the horizon. The sun may be symbolic of enlightenment, new life, the new day- each of which we should be grateful for when we are in sync with our Higher Powers. The parrot can leave through those bars at any time but chooses to stay with her and to offer reflection on the words she says aloud. The parrot echoes into the Universes her words. Are her words of prayer, of hope, of acceptance that while things may not be as the woman would like, she holds true to what is needed at this time? What words are you using during this time of deep reflection? What are you, your loved ones, or your little ones echoing out into the Universes?

The woman is indicative of the Feminine aspects of ourselves: intuition, knowing from deep within, the soft side of our dual natures. There are rituals and ceremonies that we hold deep within our consciousnesses that are accessible in this time of quiet seclusion. Go deeply into your being and retrieve that wisdom that is available for you at this time.

At the end, we will be released. How do you foresee that? What are the ways that you will wish to discard and to retain as you prepare for the end of this sojourn?

May you carry the light and love of the Universes within you,

Graciella and Theresa

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