Graciella la Gitana Oracle© April 27, 2020. Spiritual Reading

Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Death/Muerte

Graciella speaks. I channel her words, wisdom, and sentiment. –Theresa

Graciella reminds us that the ability to face death brings with it a new strength beyond all that is imaginable. We are urged to walk without fear. To not hold the weapon of fear against ourselves. The act of releasing the fear of death brings with it the powerful possibility of entering a state of renewal and promise.

Those of us who are left here on this side of the veils, wonder about the potential of life without a loved one. Why be so quick to let that relationship go? The connection of love continues throughout eternal life and throughout the Universes. Albeit, it will be different but is can still be. We who remain in fear do not allow for full exchange of love and compassion for he or she who is transitioning to a new state of energy, rebirth, and transformation.

These words are not a message of stifling one’s feelings but in essence are encouragement to be present for the full experience of transition.

Am I holding on to something that has changed and has needed to change? What makes me hold on to the things I’ve known while not allowing for change?

I pray for help in moving forth. The veils are thin. There are many types of death and rebirth. What is mine today?

In the reflected light of love,

Graciella and Theresa

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