Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Sunday April 12, 2020 Spiritual Reading

Graciella speaks, I channel her words and sentiment. -Theresa

Graciella asks that we determine who and what we are loyal to and the reasons behind that steadfastness. The act of remaining true to a tradition is reassuring and keeps us close to what we were taught and what has become for many of us the blood that is in our bones.

What would life be like if we decided to change things that were no longer effective in our lives. Who have we been all of our lives? What could be beneficial to our lives if we did things differently?

There are some edicts right now that are demanding that we do exactly what is contrary to our beliefs. We are loathe to give up many of our comforting ways. The changes may very well be for our good. Graciella affirms that if we attempt to amend our old ways and adopt new ways without fighting so much that our transitions will go more easily. If we’ve been fighters against change all of our lives, this may be the time to let go more easily. Putting the sword down and picking up the lily, symbol of resurrection, may provide a more affirming way to live.

Go deep inside: what am I being true to that is no longer fruitful? How can I do things differently? How can I can accept this new life gracefully?

In the rosy light of love,

Graciella and Theresa

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