Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Wednesday April 1, 2020 Spiritual Reading

Sitting tight. Listening to the latest news. Trying to pay attention to all the positive social media posts while staying in reality. It is another day. A new one. In which to give thanks for being alive, for being loved, and for being of service in whatever way happens to be our gift.

Today I intuitively chose the Prisoner/La Prisionera card again!

Graciella la Gitana Oracle-Prisoner/La Prisionera

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

Stay at home if you possibly can. That may seem like a given based on our current news. For some, it hasn’t been. The thread, thus far, that I receive from Graciella is that some of us haven’t been listening to or adhering to guidelines. We are ultimately the sole cell wardens of ourselves.

How am I managing my time sequestered? Am I negative, argumentative, or taking my anger out on others? Am I looking to how I am cheated in the world? How often am I blaming others for this seeming incarceration? If so, it’s time to break out the self-imposed doom and gloom. We have choice in how we are going to spend this time of change.

Self-reflection is the key. Graciella urges us to meditate and look within to how we may be of service. Maybe it means not arguing when a spouse wants to watch a different television show. Maybe it means letting someone go before us on line at the supermarket because they stand too close to us. Only you know if that project you’ve kept on the back burner is ready to be tackled.

Keep in faith that this too shall pass. How will I be a different person when it is over? How can I be of service today?

In light and love

Graciella and Theresa

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