Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Spiritual Reading. The Moon.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Moon/La Luna

Graciella speaks. I channel her words, wisdom, and sentiment. -Theresa

The Moon: Graciella reminds us that the moon is always up in the sky. Somehow we, as a people, have become attuned to the significance of the full moon. We participate in full moon rituals, moon circles, and moon acknowledgments. Graciella asks that we become more aware of the cycles of the moon in our daily lives.

There are several phases of the moon. Do we know when it is most auspicious to begin or end a project? Are there days that we are encouraged to do nothing at all? Do we know what days and nights that one should consider setting aside for celebration?

A common misunderstanding is to engage in activities of planning during the new moon. This is a time of quiet, of pause, of patience. The darkness and confusion that may ensue during true moon dark tells us it may not be the time to begin new projects. Once the glimmer of the moon is observable, that is the time to engage in newness and planning.

Discover the patterns of the moon’s waxing and waning phases. We may save ourselves much frustration and turmoil if we balance our inner working with those of Grandmother Moon. She love us.

Under the light of the silvery moon,

Graciella and Theresa

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