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Fertility: Graciella warmly encourages us to be patient with the gestation period of our creative works.

For each of us, there are periods of gestation. We are given, in some case, more exact parameters of that time element. Those of us who have held a living developing being in our wombs have been advised that the nine month gestation period is essential for full growth and completion of aspects needed for a healthy birth and being.

Gestation may not be so apparent for our other craft works. Do you feel rushed in creating a plot for your novel or memoir? Maybe there are other aspects you must attend to before birthing it into the world. A sculpture, a painting, and a garden all have their own gestational periods. Are you listening to the creation or only what your will would have it do. Social media may urge us to push a product of our being out before its due date.

Friends and foes are hurriedly creating, creating, creating, or so it seems. We are really not aware of the process of others. It would do us some good to concentrate on our creations and not those of others. Imagine desiring your child be born before a cousin’s so your child could get most attention? Not a healthy way for either yourself or your creation.

Allow your relationship with the creation that is developing and growing inside you, whatever that may be, to be one of patience. Allow yourself and the creation to naturally be birthed in its due time. Know that the time for a fertile and rich creation is individualized. Talk to your creation and listen to what it needs. You may be surprised at the abundance that your creation has wanted for you and brings to you.

In light and health,

Graciella and Theresa

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