Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Spiritual Reading. Wisdom.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Wisdom

Graciella speaks. I channel her words, wisdom, and sentiment. -Theresa

Wisdom: Graciella urges us to honor the ways of the elders. There are time worn ways that we often forsake in favor of the new. Reflect on how you respond in situations that you come across today.

While many of us speak about how wonderful our elders were or are and about the love we have for them, there are those of us who may not have been so fortunate. Some of us were raised in foster care or group homes and have no idea who our elders are. There are also some of us whose elders would prefer the bottle than to sitting with us and sharing tales from our traditions and cultures. That is a reality that many of us don’t discuss. It would be distasteful or dishonorable. Or so we are told.

Our truths are our truths. The wisdom of the elders is out there for us. Who of us has not had a power of example to ascribe to: whether it was an excellent example set before us or one we would rather not recall.

Be gentle in your search for the ways of the wise. Your answers will come with time.

In the compassionate love of the rose,

Graciella and Theresa

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