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Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Bravado

Graciella la Gitana channels her words, wisdom, and sentiment.

Bravado: Graciella reminds us that sometimes all it takes is a little courage to move into the spot we covet.

The word covet has a negative connotation in that for centuries it has been taken to mean desiring what belongs to another. The idea that covet means desiring something inordinately without it belonging to someone else may take some time to understand and assimilate.

Important is the knowledge that there is enough, more than enough, in the abundant Universes for us to prosper. Maybe we don’t really want the presidency (cough) or to be in control of finances for our agencies. But certainly there are aspects of those positions that we believe we will do well in. Maybe we are good at finances or have excellent ideas regarding leadership and just need the opportunity to fulfill our promise.

Working toward a goal may seem ruthless. There takes bravado to cut down that bag of treasures that belongs to us with a little effort. Others may think or make negative statements about an individual’s drive or seeming relentless pursuit in advancing themselves. That is their problem. It does not belong to you.

Reach out for the treasure you covet. Only you know your true motives and your aims. If you can show up to defend yourself with clear conscious, do so. There is enough room and prosperity in the Universe for all of us.

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa

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