Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

Sunday evening rolls around just as quickly as Monday morning. It’s a time that I usually start fretting about what I did or didn’t do. I look around me and see so many things that I haven’t had the chance to get to and then I start wishing for the next weekend. When I do this my opportunities to enjoy discoveries are reduced. I’m in next Friday. Wait, it’s Sunday. What might help is looking down at my feet and seeing where I’m planted.

I just spent the afternoon with a circle of women who embody grace, love, and all the gifts that a compassionate Mother could provide. These are women who are spiritual, creative, loving, and talented and are not afraid to share their gifts with the world. I’m in awe that the Mother Goddess saw to it that we would each take a little time from our extremely busy and full lives to share the gifts of healing and spirit with each other. Wow.

So now, I sit to pull the oracle concept card that Graciella la Gitana wants to share with us. We meld our energies and shuffle the cards. We fan them out on the table and we ground and center with our breath. Together we pull the Treachery/Traición card. Didn’t we just pull that card recently for the weekly reading?


This is a simple message of awareness. We must take care of not being obstructed by our self-wills that may prohibit us from experiencing exactly what our higher self believes would benefit us. How many times do we say, I know! when someone suggests something to us? Have we put our hands up to ward off advice either in work or in play because we just don’t want to take in new information? This week I plan to meet with a new collaborator in my work setting. Do I say, I’ve been doing this without your help for so long that what could you possibly offer me now? If I accept the fresh perspective of another who might be holding a crystal of light as the woman in the image is I may learn something. How do I step away from my ego and allow another to teach me something new or different. Otherwise I may be like the gentleman who hangs from a tree by his suit jacket. Do I turn into a buffoon because I cannot be open and my will binds my way?

Today I pray that I can be open to the newness that my higher self would always have me experience. I’ll leave my jaded, know-it-all attitude at home. I’ll say thank you!

I like to joke and sing about today being the first day of the rest of my life. My inner consciousness truly believes that. I don’t leave my knowledge and experience behind. I take them with me and mix it with the suggestions of another and come up with a totally new recipe. I think I will like it. I hope you do too.

In light and love,

Theresa and Graciella


WordPress has gone haywire on me! Please accept my apologies on the deluge of past posts and discards that are popping up on your feed. I’m trying to fix this within these 24 hours. Peace, my friends!

Chasing the Moon

I’m smitten with the moon. That’s something everyone knows by my posts over the last few months. I didn’t write a post on August’s full sturgeon moon because I was chasing it- like I’ve been chasing my current creative projects.

We had lots of chaos at our house during the spring when a harsh wind took down several of the tall pines on our property. We hired the landscaper to pull down whatever trees and branches were still dangling. Then, after carting lots of the branches off and grinding huge stumps the landscaper struck broke down. It seemed like we’d never be rid of the last tree carcass that took up the back of the house.

Our prayer site had also been blocked by fallen trees way in the back and we decided he could help us by moving some rocks to bring it closer to the house. He’s finally finished the whole job. Trees and rocks are moved. The fairies are happy and so are we. That’s all just a snapshot of the backstory of my life.

My writing was stalled. My computer went dead. I couldn’t decide which computer I wanted to replace it. It seemed like there was a big old foot on the brake of my life.

I eventually got a replacement writing implement. But I couldn’t write because I’m tying up two projects that have been in the gestational stage forever. I guess they’re twins. The oracle is being born first. That makes it the younger twin who is scouting out the road for the older twin, Coney Island Siren. The oracle is on a hard path already. It’s kind of born but not. We’re having template issues with the printer. I’m hoping these problems will be resolved like the trees, the rocks, and the computer. It’s taken group effort for each of these projects to be completed.

I didn’t write about the moon because I was busy. The night is was full we were on the Coney Island Boardwalk chasing it. We got there early and

Nightmare in haiku

Sweltering in sheets

Night is thirst, betrayal, fear

I pray for the dawn

It’s autumn but the sweat pours off me. I have the odd mix of the air conditioner on low and the adjacent window wide open. I’m hoping for the perfect mix. My bed just doesn’t feel right.

I’m dreading the morning but it’s equal to my desire to remain under the sheet, thermal blanket, and spread. I need some weight on my legs. Otherwise, I might fly away in the night. Maybe enter a dream and never leave. That would be the antithesis of entering a nightmare and not having the choice to leave.

My people in Puerto Rico have done the latter. They can leave if they want, you might say. Should leave. There’s only thirst, rot, and maybe death waiting for them. Some have boarded planes and ships to Florida – that place across the water that is an extension of the island except for everything.

I’m up here in NY. Sending packages. Collecting money. Calling my family and neighbors.
Do you need anything? Anything at all? I’ll send it.
What we need, you can’t send us. 



We laugh across the again working landline. Hollow and crackly co-exist like old friends.

My house is okay. No damage. I won’t be there for a long time. I’m not the sort of person who can manage without electricity. I was there last Fall. The cables across the way blew fiery sparks and the copper wires didn’t apologize to the bananas they scorched. The phone calls to the electric company seemed to be ignored. I later found out that they too didn’t have power. 

I worried about my Dad who the night before worried about the shiny lights on at his neighbor’s house. They should be off, he said. Go inside, I encouraged. I worried that he wouldn’t pay attention to me. He did. There was that moment that he hesitated. My gut told me that he wouldn’t always listen. It told me to fly him back up to NY with me. I did. 

I’ve had many nights drenched in my pouring anxiety. My silver hair matches the fox that steals into my room and wakens me to every odd sound and jingle of the bells that I placed on his doorknob. I’ve listened. Coaxed him into returning to bed. Midnight isn’t safe for wandering when your eighty-six. Go back to bed, Pop. I’ve prayed that the nightmare would end and I’d be released.

My Dad’s in an Assisted Living Facility now. They call him Papa, speak to him in Spanish, and I take him out to eat and we sit together on the Coney Island Boardwalk or at Emmons Bay watching the swans propel their large bodies with tiny black feet. My Dad forgets what he was going to do a second after he sets out to do whatever it was, but he’s okay.

I still wrestle with my sheets at night. Worried. I think of my Dad and how Alzheimer’s quietly slipped into our lives. I think about my house with the balcón and the hammock in the back under the tin roof. I think about my family and all of the others and the sazón and the mofongo and Ketty blasting Tito Rodriguez LPs on Sunday afternoons. I think about the lizards and the dogs and the kids playing basketball under the cancha.

At night, I plan when I will get to BJs to buy more pampers, baby food, and batteries. BJs- where a young teen will laugh at all the Kotex we’ve stored in our cart. I plan when I can do it all again on my way back from visiting my Dad who has no inkling he got out of his island at the nick of time.

I worry, plan, take action, and pray. I repeat as I pull the covers up and then throw them off again. My bed is just not right.

In the middle

Social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter have me thinking about all the books I haven’t written and all the planned creative work that sits on the shelves in my mind and office. I curl up my toes at the photos of people who are seemingly doing it all. On my good days, I cheer the completed projects and am contented to be connected with such illustrious  people. On gloomy days, I ponder all I haven’t done, yet.

I remember being taken aback when I went to Julia Alvarez’s website that showed her published books and a note that said something to the effect of ‘I’m not blogging because I’m writing.’ Boo-yah! This was on the heels of being advised of the necessity of blogging to connect with readers and writers alike. I’m told my writing career depends on it. 

If you take a good look at my blog post dates you’ll see I don’t blog all that often. People haven’t swarmed to read every word and make insightful and inciteful comments. On a good day, I congratulate myself on the creative work I’ve offered to the Universe and on a bad day, think it’s never enough and possibly, I’m not enough. Being in the middle is a perfect reminder that ‘shoulds ‘and ‘coulds’ are to be avoided in my vocabulary of words.

As a ‘literati’ (dubbed years ago by my doctoral dissertation chair) which can be defined as one of the educated class or one interested in literature (I like the second definition better, yup) I must be true to the rhythm of the words that flow through me and to the ever changing patterns of life. I’m well aware that to compare is to despair. 

I’m proud of the creative work I’ve completed and birthed into the world and excited about the new creations waiting to be born. Gestation periods vary, some creations are birthed rather quickly, others are high risk and need extra help, while others are endured and enjoyed simultaneously. It’s essential for me as a writer to ‘be in the middle’ and do my part just for today.

Blogging has helped me to develop the muscle of not ruminating over a brief written piece, to happily realize I can change my mind about my opinions, and to continue developing my voice on paper. I also get the pleasure of sharing myself with others and that is something that is often missing in the isolation of writing as a practice. So for today, I will blog, as well as continue digging into my other projects. A few are standing in the wings, readying to take their places in stage.

Happy writing!

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

The heat is a beast up here in NYC this weekend and everywhere else I hear. I’m sort of melting but it’s okay because I prefer that to freezing toes. There is so much going on in the world. I’m trying to keep a cool line of tranquility and perseverance while also trying to keep a this too shall pass type of attitude. My mom used to say that to me all the time when I was a kid. Sometimes I wish time would go faster than it actually does- at least when it’s something I’m not happy about. We all have our roles on this planet. That’s probably exactly why the West card turned up today when Graciella and I pulled from the oracle deck.

The West/El Oeste

What’s perfect about this card is that it’s all about looking within. The water reflects us like a mirror. We can’t really look outside of ourselves and hope that change will be made out there. By someone. By someone else. That’s an awfully frequent hope that I have. Someone else will do something. But what is that thing that we want changed that we can’t do ourselves? I’ve promised myself that I won’t be a political lout for the next year and then some. I’ll just keep being my spiritual self and vote when the time is here again, but already I’m rattled. Sorry if we don’t share political views but that’s okay. It’s important for all of us to speak our voices out into the world.

There’s lots of finger pointing even among friends. What are you doing? To be quiet is to be complicit I read a lot on social media. But what if we’re just not announcing what we’re doing? And what if we are announcing what we actually are not doing but feel would get a rise out of others. All these thoughts are quieted when Graciella’s energy merges with mine and we pull the cards. What is my message that I am to share with you? It’s to look at our reflections in the deep waters. It’s the message of introspection. Graciella is my calming influence and I’m grateful to be in touch with this wonderful spirit guide. The image depicts me. A big old rock in the ocean. The waves may crash all over me but I’m to remain steady. Maybe there are crusty little algae and the like growing on my shiny surface. They may be annoying but we can live together. The larger majesty of the Mother’s will eventually overtakes us with one huge whoosh. We are quieted again and ready to enjoy the serene beauty that envelops us.

Not sure if this week’s message is clear. The message is Look Within. That’s where it starts and that’s where it ends. The endless cycle of the ocean’s wave are like eternity. It goes on without us. Look within. Do your part. I’ll try my very best to do mine.

In love and light and sparkly water,

Theresa and Graciella

The Full Thunder Moon

This July Full Thunder Moon is also known as the Full Buck Moon. There is also a partial eclipse that we won’t see in North America and last, but not least, Mercury is in retrograde. Have you run for the hills yet?

The Thunder Moon is aptly named because of the many thunderstorms that take place in July. We give thanks for the waters that drench the parched earth. As always, it’s a time to pray for the Earth’s balance as some areas are deluged with floods while others are arid. The clouds conspire to reveal or conceal what should be known. Last evening’s Brooklyn sky showed the moon cloaked in secrecy. What is it that I should know I asked in my prayer to the moon last night. Will the eclipse reveal it?

Be like the buck and stay rooted and grounded if you’re unsure in any situation. The buck flees swiftly if he senses danger. The buck’s set of antlers show that he’s achieved a state of grace, maturity, and wisdom. This is the perfect energy when Mercury is in retrograde. Take a few moments to be certain of the actions you should take before engaging in what might be a miscommunication due to haste.

I believe that so many posts and writings about the moon are popular and we yearn to commune with the moon’s energy and have her wisdom behind us. But are we in tune with the moon on a daily basis or just when we see a splash of excitement? A blood moon!! An eclipse!! A full moon!!

Acquaint yourself with the waxing and waning energies of the moon all month long. What do the phases mean for you personally? Grandmother Moon has much to tell if only we’d listen.

In the light of the silvery moon,


Graciella la Gitana Weekly Spiritual Reading

As usual the week was a blur. It’s Monday evening and I’ve pulled this week’s card from Graciella la Gitana’s Oracle deck. This time I didn’t smudge with sage but did ground and center- allowing myself to merge with Graciella’s loving energy.

If you’ve started working with your personal deck you’ve probably become familiar with Graciella’s energies that are compassionate and embracing. After a time it is easy to distinguish the differences in her spiritual presence as to your own beings. There’s a certain lightness and confidence that I believe comes with her wisdom and wit.

Today, together we pulled the Fear/Temor card. There was no trepidation when I tuned the card over after I’d shuffled and fanned them out in order to pull it from the deck.

I remembered a story about this card. Once I’d pulled it and was a bit fearful as I anticipated what was to come that day. When I arrived at work, one of the staff members ran to me and disclosed she’d inadvertently shared a pie with other staff members that I’d received from a company we’re affiliated with. She was terrified wondering my reaction would be. In this image, we see the round disk or pie that the female is holding. I was relieved when I realized that was the image or situation I’d almost dreaded. We have a good laugh. I don’t need a whole pie but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t eat it if I had the opportunity.

In this reading, I see the feminine energy leaving the old ways that is represented by the institution behind her. It can be anxiety producing to leave the old and walk towards the new. Unburden yourself at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Walk toward what resonates with you and away from that which no long serves you. The greenery shows a full lushness in the environment that surrounds her.

Let me know how this reading may show itself in your world this week. Tell me how you experience Graciella’s energies. We’d both love to know.


Theresa and Graciella

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

I’d hoped to have another post done this week before today, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Yesterday, I attended The Latina Fifty Plus Organization’s yearly luncheon at Fordham University. The founder, Maria Aponte, was amazing as always. She ran the event flawlessly. To experience the gathering of a large, too often invisible, community who dedicates themselves to various much needed activities and projects, is heart warming. I hope Maria will mosey over here and blog about her dream organization and how it has grown over the last six years. I, at least, can hope she’ll let me interview her as soon as the confetti settles!

After a spiritual activity earlier this afternoon, I began to prepare to pull today’s card. I had pulled the Traveler Card this morning and felt that maybe I wanted to talk about that one. I pulled a card to ask Graciella la Gitana what she preferred, together we pulled the Position Card. That told me that I had options and could do whatever I wanted. So, the Traveler/Viajera card it is. I love Graciella la Gitana.

The Traveler/La Viajera

I also love this card! La Viajera, the traveler, was originally called La Moderna. La Moderna, the modern one, is a woman who goes against the grain and leaves home in a time that was unlikely. Today’s young women think nothing of picking up and leaving her family for college, for love, for adventure, and move assuredly along with the knowledge that they’ll be okay. That things will always turn out right. That they could never stay at home without venturing forth and trying on their lives as many of us tried on new dresses.

I believe this card pays homage, in this particular reading, to the young women that the women of the Latina 50 Plus organization represent. We chose to leave our homes when it was not popular. We tried out new things becoming feminists, independent women, who sought out universities, our own apartments, and knew that if we didn’t do these things that our own daughters would not have the opportunities that we had to carve out for them.

The image of the traveler, Graciella reminds me, is of the feminine who closes her eyes and goes within. She travels in meditation across worlds and across not universities, but universes. We don’t have to leave home to enter multiple realms or become aware of the parallel universes and dualities of our lives. We can do that through introspection. So close your eyes and hold onto your seat. You can travel as far as you allow yourself. Let yourself become to be!

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

This weekend we accomplished so many things. The most important was grooming our doggies. They are summer ready now. We hung out for a while and then decided that an early evening walk was in order. I’m still recuperating from all the book events of last week that were amazing. The walk in the park, my favorite playground, was calming, restful, and meditative. It was a great way to end a lovely Sunday.

I burnt a good bit of sage in the abalone shell and smudged myself and the deck and most of the apartment to be exact. I remembered to open the window so all the energy that doesn’t belong in the room could leave. I centered and asked Graciella what is it that she wanted to share this week. I shuffled the cards, fanned them out on the desk and closed my eyes allowing my fingers to find the concept. The fool/tonto card was revealed. Who wants that? Especially after pulling it last week. I had thought carefully about my choices that day, not wanting to be foolish. It wasn’t until the end of the day when I was about to fall asleep that I realized the situation when my foolishness occurred. But let’s move on to this week’s reading.

The image is that of a man reaching through clear waters for a treasure. He is not looking toward it though and is distracted by a shiny light coming his way. I usually see this light as card headlights, but today I rather think it’s an explosion happening somewhere in the forest. There is a rabbit, that I know to be symbolic of fertility but also of fear. The rabbit is usually a careful sort who resides in his warren with this friends, family, and brood. The network he or she has created is meant for safety. These connections of burrows are made carefully and wisely. It’s significant that this rabbit has stepped out of his safety zone. What actions are you planning to take this week that may cause distress? Is your eye on the prize? Is it worth it? The man is holding a purple cloth in his left hand. I believe it’s a sack to put his stolen treasures in. Will you be caught in the act of something that may not be the wisest choice? The notion of coming out of one’s comfort area can be a frightening one. Be certain that when take an action this week, it is a thoughtfully made one. There is no need to do anything alone. Taking a chance is recommended and can be fun. But make sure it’s one that can withstand the light and doesn’t have to be hidden in the dark.

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa