Coney Island Siren

2020 International Latino Book Award Winner

Call it coincidence or call it fate when Maggie Fuentes, rummaging through a Coney Island flea market, stumbles upon a handwritten diary whose author, a young girl of the nineteenth century named Ellen, reveals dreadful secrets that parallel Maggie’s own. Maggie sinks deep into the sinister maelstrom of her lover, Police Officer, Frank Ramirez, until the stark urgency of lines written by a kindred spirit compel her to confront the reality of her- and their- lives. Far removed from each other in time but bonded by the white-capped ocean, amusement park locale, and converging torments, it seems particularly apt that the sleight-of-hand landscape of luck and chance provides the setting for Maggie’s harrowing and hypnotic encounter with turmoil, then kismet, and ultimately, clarity and reawakening.

ISBN-13 978-1-7327167-1-1

Nights of Indigo Blue: A Daisy Muñiz Mystery

2016 International Latino Book Award Winner- Best Mystery First Place

Daisy Muñiz is ready to embrace a fresh new start in her brownstone apartment in Park Slope, Brooklyn, when she is thrust into the midst of the mysterious murder of Windsor Medical Center’s most prominent surgeon, Arthur Campbell. As the secrets of the Campbell family are revealed, Daisy is forced to delve into her own troubled past and she becomes the unwitting ally to Detective David Rodriguez.

ISBN-13 978-1539071815

Covering the Sun with My Hand

2015 International Latino Book Award Winner- Second place for Best First Novel

It’s the summer of 1979 and Julia Acevedo plans her escape to college; away from her ‘too traditional’ family. On her way to liberation, her twin brother, Rene, is stricken with mental illness. While accepting the sacrifices demanded of her, Julia searches for the happiness she feels she’s being denied. Going against the grain of her upbringing, Julia ultimately opens up to the incredible possibilities of life, deepening her relationship with her brother in the process.

ISBN-13 978-1539122265

Answered by Silence: a collection of poems

This collection of poems is gathered form the heart of the author’s child-self. It tells the story of her experience of the illness and ultimate loss of her older sister and breaks the silence that is often coupled with childhood grief. These verses are offered in plain, stark language that resonates with readers of all ages and are the elixir for a powerful alchemical process of collective healing.

ISBN-13 978-1539371632

Graciella la Gitana Oracle/El Oráculo de Graciella la Gitana

2019 International Latino Book Award Winner- First Place for Best Latino Focused Design and Honorable Mention for Best Latino Art Book

Enter this exquisite 56 card oracle deck to communicate with Graciella la Gitana.  For seasoned and novice readers, this deck is the portal for discovering hidden paths, developing intuitive skills, and learning to love from deep within. Each of the cards features a colorful illustration and concept for readers to meditate on that will provide insights longed for in their daily lives. The accompanying pamphlet provides information regarding the concepts chosen by the querent.

Illustrations by Mara Alicia Cordova; Translations by Orlando Ferrand; Art Design by Patricia Dornelles

El Oráculo de Graciella la Gitana

Adéntrese en este exquisito oráculo de 56 cartas para comunicarse con la Gitana Graciella. Tanto para los lectores experimentados como para los noveles, estas barajas son el portal para descubrir caminos ocultos, desarrollar habilidades intuitivas y aprender a amar desde lo más profundo. Cada tarjeta cuenta con una ilustración colorida y un concepto para que los lectores mediten que les proporcionará la claridad anhelada en sus vidas cotidianas. El folleto adjunto proporciona información sobre los conceptos elegidos por el consultante.

Ilustraciones de Mara Alicia Cordova; Traducción de Orlando Ferrand; Diseño de arte de Patricia Dornelles


Other Published Works

Peinate: Hair Battles Between Mothers & Daughters

I have a short story in this anthology!

Hoisted onto the cosmetology throne at Blanca’s Beauty Salon on Fifth Avenue, I was still so short that they’d added a wooden slab on the seat for me to reach the mirror. My mother hovered at my side. Blanca, a large buxom woman whose blond hair was coifed into a French roll, lopped my braid off with a pair of sharp scissors.


I cried and everybody else in the room clapped. Through my tears in the mirror, I saw Blanca hand my braid over to my mother …

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New Voices Anthology 2014

I have a short story in this anthology!

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