Full Wolf Moon

Yearly, I’ve written about the Full Wolf Moon. It struck me that the wolf mates for life. This is a romantic notion and something many of us long for as we howl at the moon. Sometimes in tears and often feeling hollow inside.

This year has started out difficult for many people and countries. We individual and groups who are the same on many fronts. We have the desire for food, shelter, clothing, a clean place to eliminate, a place to feel safe and loved. The divisiveness in our peoples is frightening for those of us who live empathically and compassionately.

Take this time during the bright full Wolf Moon to reflect on your desires during these dark winter nights that are shortening. We are closer to the warm season, yet we are also heading to the deepest of dark nights where our dreams become vivid, life-like, and an extension of our daily waking hours. What is night and what is day? Are they mirrors of each other? Allow them to meld and walk in both worlds.

By reflecting on the wolf moon, we are reminded of the hungry howls of not only the wolves, but the hungry two leggeds, and the infants who cry in the night seemingly inconsolable. We are awakened to the cries and attempt to find solutions and remedies to make right the night.

Meditate under the light of this full moon as to where you might reach and to how deep to reach into the want that you may fulfill. Is it your right to live and give powerful voice to who you are by imitating the howl of the wolf deep into the night. Are you here to give warmth to a tiny being who has thus far known nothing but the plight of the cold barren night? Is your call to feed the hungry man who walks alone in the still of the night under the light of buildings that almost reach the heavens? Or maybe you’re here to listen to the words of those already crossed who can share the secrets of their souls and how their experiences may provide tonics for the souls of others on this side?

Reflect. Meditate. Go deep. It is your right and your privilege to listen for the howls in the night and to go forth in the stillness with your healing heart.

In light,



December’s Full Cold Moon

image from DailyMail

The moon is bright in the sky. We look to her for assurance that our romantic desires will be fulfilled. That our notions of a hot cider drink in front of the fire with a love interest will come to fruition. That the scenes we watch on television or in the latest Christmas movie will be scenes that are ours.

While those might be our dreams, we are made of more. Our visions have the ability to encompass many things that we might be too fearful to hope or pray for. But we should anyway. Tonight at the time of the Full Cold Moon, let us desire more for ourselves. Let us look at the work that we have done from our last full moon, the one waned until the sky was dark, and we had to look within our hearts for light. Upon reflecting at what we found deep within, we can now, in true honesty, look outward for the manifestation at this time of moonlight what we worked hard for. Dreaming does not create the explication of the implicate. Action does. It is our everyday practice that becomes material, physical, real.

The full moon shows her full light tonight, as do you. It is the end of the calendar year. The end of a decade. What dreams have come true for you in this last year? What dreams do you have for the coming year? The coming decade? As we head into winter deep, take time to revisit your promise to yourself. Remember that opportunities are headed your way. Be true to yourself as you create your vision. December’s Full Cold Moon is here to help you see yourself as you truly are and to light your way during the darkest nights.

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Graciella’s Spiritual Reading in the time of the Full Beaver Moon

Photo from Shifting-vibration.com

A full moon is at its zenith in terms of waxing. We think of waxing as the time to work towards things or take action on what we’d like to come to fruition. The full beaver moon certainly depicts one who is busy building, developing, storing, or demolishing in a quest for creation. When we create there’s usually a hope that whatever structure we’ve built will be strong and withstand monsoon rains and winds if need be. We use our strong teeth to whittle, to break, to tug, as we establish our place on this earth.

Along with the traditional native view points of the Beaver Moon, we are also enjoying Taurus in the Full Moon. We Taureans are sure footed bulls and love to have comfort, the kind such as the beaver has worked hard for and we may look lazy standing there chewing our grass. We are really sensual beings and are enjoying the fruits of our labor. We Taureans also often allow things to slide until it becomes just a little too much for us. Then, watch out, we will stampede and anything in our way should be wary. We will do our best to attempt to stop what we believe is not for higher good, either personal or universal.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle- Earth/Tierra

Graciella’s reading for this week, comes from the Earth/Tierra card. As we, not only Taureans but everyone of all signs, gaze upon the beauty of our accomplishments, eat from the abundance of what we’ve grown and gathered this autumn, and look toward the coming season, are strongly encouraged to return a gift to the Earth. It reminds me of smoking pipe in a spiritual manner. We always put a little tobacco back into our pouches when we’ve filled up the bowls of our pipe. We always give back.

Now is the time to give thanks for what has been created. It is also time to offer libations to the Earth. It is always time to do either.

With love,

Graciella and Theresa