Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading


When shuffling the cards for this reading, this one fell out of the deck. It
wanted to show itself. The concept is so eager to take its place in the front
of the room this week. I replaced the card back in the deck, finished
shuffling, and centered thoroughly while asking Graciella to share her message.
Again, the Kindness/Caridad card came shining through.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

I find myself calling this card the Compassion card. The image is lovely and
shows hands reaching out holding a beautiful flower. Is the person holding the
flower extending or receiving the gift of kindness? Just like the dark blue
waters with frothy edges, filled with the tender pink shells reflecting the
stars of the Mother, the tides ebb and flow. Give and receive. Allow yourself
both this week as most of us return to the public after a long Thanksgiving
weekend. Maybe you’ve worked hard contending with consumers during these last
few days that are focused on shopping, shopping, and more shopping! Maybe, you
will be the one to stay home during the week, putting your feet up, or taking a
bath filled with lavender salts. It’s possible that the holiday wasn’t kind,
and you’ve dealt with grief, loss, or the bad tempers of those around you.

Whether you’re in a place of inner peace or not, the message is to be kind to yourself and the two-legged and the four-legged creations who you meet this
week. And to those who fly and crawl and swim for that matter. Isn’t that a
simple message? Yes, on the surface, but not so easy when we encounter
different energies that may not resonate with ours.

By not judging, criticizing, and pointing out what we perceive as others’ faults, we can enjoy the overall message of Graciella’s work that is about walking in Compassionate Consciousness on this Earth. Try doing that with yourself as the focus and you may find that is a challenge too. Many of us have incorporated the messages that I’m not good enough, I will never succeed, or I have no value. Turn that kindness in toward your heart and practice saying I am good enough, I am made of love, I deserve to be loved, I am a light beam that my HP put on this Earth to shine. How does that feel? Do you believe those words?

My karate teacher, Sensei Ted Pritchard, use to tell us that “You are who you practice to be.” I believed those words years ago and still believe them today. I use them in a different context, but they are true today as well. Turn the light of kindness in toward yourself and see how the glow emanates from you towards the those in your life. What a beautiful brightness we see!


Theresa and Graciella

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- Star/Estrella

Graciella la Gitana Oracle Star card

The last couple of weeks, Graciella has reminded us to give back to the Earth for all that it gives us. We are abundant with resources, yet in many areas we take advantage of them, feel that we are entitled for the good of the Earth, and watch its decline in growth in not only vegetation but in love and compassion for each other. I, for sure, thought this would be the message again for this Thanksgiving week. No. Graciella had other messages for us today. When we pulled the card from the deck, lo and behold, it was the Star/Estrella card.

The description of the meaning speaks to the randomness of thoughts and the chaos that is afoot. We are scattered beings and are encouraged to find order in the patterns in which we live. Granted, we’re not often expecting relatives and friends the day after humpday. We’ve worked a few days and have managed to go food shopping and to begin some food prep. We prepare for upheaval.

The image on the card shows the female leaving an estate, dressed in finery, her expression is sad, and due to her position she is missing the beauty of the shooting star. These stars aren’t seen frequently in the city due to light and air pollution. Although there is chaos in the air, the constellation of stars assures us that there is a rhythm and order to our lives. We are encouraged to follow the order. Have you become acquainted with your astrological birth chart yet? Do you know your rising sign and moon sign as well as your sun sign? Get to know the patterns that can create a stabilizing force for us as the ups and downs of our times can make things seemingly unconquerable.

While you are a star, remember that the sky is filled with other stars. Shine your shine this week while allowing others to shine theirs too. Family get-togethers are perfect opportunities to share the spotlight. We are all worthy, whether we agree or not with others’ thoughts and actions.

Be one star in the sky. Together we create a magnificent constellation.


Graciella and Theresa

Reading Playing Cards

I’m like a kid in an old-fashioned Candy Shoppe. Now that I think about it, this morning I pulled my daily Graciella la Gitana Oracle card and drew the Rascal. I wondered how it would show itself today. I’m that kid that’s playing with a new toy. In this case it’s regular playing cards.

Bicycle playing cards

Early this morning as I was writing my second Daisy mystery novel pages, I had the inclination to pull a card for Daisy, my protagonist, who you know is learning to develop her intuition in working with tarot decks, attending misas, meditating, and doing all those things to grow spiritually. She and her beau, David Rodriguez or Rod as he’s called by his friends, decided to pull one to gain insight into their relationship. So picture Daisy closing her eyes and grabbing a deck from her basket filled with tarot decks and oracle sets. Surprisingly, she comes up with regular playing cards. She doesn’t remember putting them in there. Although she’s had the cards a long time, a large part of her life has been in a blackout. She doesn’t remember all the details of her life. Only most of them. The important ones. We hope.

Anyway, I have the decks in my basket and pull them for my protagonist when I write those types of scenes and the cards inform how the story line develops. I also did that for Covering the Sun with My Hand, my first novel. Julia Acevedo received some intense readings from Ana, the Espiritista.

I read the eight of diamonds- the card that emerged from the deck. You’ll have to read the book when it’s published in order to know how I interpreted the cards, but I felt very comfortable reading the symbols and numbers and interpreting them for Daisy and Rod. Such a cool way to spend my early morning hours. Reading and writing. The best!

If you’re interested in reading Daisy’s first mystery, I’m adding the link here for either soft copy or Kindle. Just click on the image of the book below and I’m adding some links that seem interesting in learning how to read a playing card deck. I will be continuing to use them comparing my own intuitions with the what I read on various websites. Also don’t forget Comité Noviembre is Saturday at Hostos Community College. See you there!

Links to Reading with Playing Card Decks. I’m still checking these out while I formulate my own ideas.

See you Saturday!



Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- Earth/Tierra


This isn’t a mirage. You’re right. You’ve just seen this card during this past week’s reading. It’s so interesting when Graciella repeats a reading. I wonder what we missed last week in the reading. Probably nothing at all. Sometimes we need to revisit a concept. Life is like that. Nothing is ever done and over with. Maybe some things are, like graduating from high school and never having to do that again. But we usually revisit things repeatedly, albeit in a different form.

What haven’t we spoken about? The message is truly about giving thanks to the Earth for all that She does for us. The image on the card depicts pouring libations, offering coins, or a piece of fruit to the Earth. When we do so we do it with joy and thankfulness for the gifts that it has rendered us. Thanksgiving is coming in a few weeks. I’m grateful each and everyday. This season, for me, brings nostalgia and the grief train is back in the station. All aboard! This year it will be twenty years since my Mom crossed over. Tomorrow is my sister’s birthday. She crossed over when she was fifteen and I was eleven. Awful. I still have memories of her birthday parties and dancing to Mash Potato Time! I miss her terribly. I think of my Dad who crossed over last January. Last Thanksgiving we took him to a restaurant for a pancake brunch. We totally enjoyed it. This is my first holiday season without him. He was my longest relationship. He knew me from birth! I miss him and have visions of his grace as his energy was waning. I still have relationship with the three of them and also have gratitude for the vivid memories of each singly and together.

This post isn’t really about grief and loss. It’s about giving thanks for the abundance we’re provided with in this lifetime. Instead of complaining about what we don’t have or wishing for what we’d like to have, or being upset with the way things are on the planet, we can give thanks for what there is. Keep it real. Maybe there is illness, but there is life and hope. Maybe situational events aren’t exactly as we’d wish them to be, but we can find something to thank the Earth for this week.

We’re gifted with people who love us, an employer who supports our returning to school, a friend who tell us that we have a piece of lettuce stuck in our teeth. Take a moment each day this week to give thanks for something or someone in your life. Say your thanks out loud. Make sure that they are aware that you are grateful for them. Let’s see how we feel on Thanksgiving day, next week, after engaging in this practice. Graciella and I would love to hear your exoerience. Leave a comment.

Thank you! We appreciate that you visit Graciella’s page.

With love,

Graciella and Theresa

Graciella’s Spiritual Reading in the time of the Full Beaver Moon

Photo from

A full moon is at its zenith in terms of waxing. We think of waxing as the time to work towards things or take action on what we’d like to come to fruition. The full beaver moon certainly depicts one who is busy building, developing, storing, or demolishing in a quest for creation. When we create there’s usually a hope that whatever structure we’ve built will be strong and withstand monsoon rains and winds if need be. We use our strong teeth to whittle, to break, to tug, as we establish our place on this earth.

Along with the traditional native view points of the Beaver Moon, we are also enjoying Taurus in the Full Moon. We Taureans are sure footed bulls and love to have comfort, the kind such as the beaver has worked hard for and we may look lazy standing there chewing our grass. We are really sensual beings and are enjoying the fruits of our labor. We Taureans also often allow things to slide until it becomes just a little too much for us. Then, watch out, we will stampede and anything in our way should be wary. We will do our best to attempt to stop what we believe is not for higher good, either personal or universal.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle- Earth/Tierra

Graciella’s reading for this week, comes from the Earth/Tierra card. As we, not only Taureans but everyone of all signs, gaze upon the beauty of our accomplishments, eat from the abundance of what we’ve grown and gathered this autumn, and look toward the coming season, are strongly encouraged to return a gift to the Earth. It reminds me of smoking pipe in a spiritual manner. We always put a little tobacco back into our pouches when we’ve filled up the bowls of our pipe. We always give back.

Now is the time to give thanks for what has been created. It is also time to offer libations to the Earth. It is always time to do either.

With love,

Graciella and Theresa

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- Sobriety


During this past week, I shared a facebook meme about how an alcoholic could be known by his or her first name + their last name. This is so different than the common meme such as one’s dragon name could be obtained by adding the color of one’s socks + the last thing that person ate. My dragon name would be tattletale grey- turkey sandwich. It’s so much funnier on facebook. Anyway, there were a lot of likes to that alcoholic naming meme. Today, when I pulled a card from Graciella’s oracle deck the concept of Sobriety/Sobriedad came up. Ha! She has a sense of humor.

The image of a hand inserting a key into a lock is oh so interesting. This is the first time I’ve realized that by opening the lock the individual will be releasing herself to the outside realm. It’s usually the opposite, isn’t it? We unlock our doors to go inside our homes or offices. These places are usually locked to outsiders who can only gain access by being granted permission by the owners of the abodes. In this case, we are allowing ourselves the liberties that can only come with going outside of ourselves.

There is such beauty in the vista outside of this door. The greenery of the grounds is surrounded by a wonderful mountainous range. The grace of dancing along fields may be countered by the challenge of crossing more difficult terrain. There takes a certain Sobriety to navigate the lives we live. Actions called for take more of a deliberate consciousness than just not taking a drink as one usually thinks of when considering sobriety. Mindfulness. Thoughtfulness. Conscientiousness. Sensitivity. All of these concepts are integral to Sobriety.

The charm bracelet brings to mind the experiences, strengths, and hopes that the individual wears as a talisman. The jewelry is personal yet is open for the world to see. Be yourself as you encounter new things and older things from a different perspective this week when you meet the world. Take your time to discern the choices provided to you in this beckoning universe that has so much in store for you!

In light and love,

Theresa and Graciella

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

The heat is a beast up here in NYC this weekend and everywhere else I hear. I’m sort of melting but it’s okay because I prefer that to freezing toes. There is so much going on in the world. I’m trying to keep a cool line of tranquility and perseverance while also trying to keep a this too shall pass type of attitude. My mom used to say that to me all the time when I was a kid. Sometimes I wish time would go faster than it actually does- at least when it’s something I’m not happy about. We all have our roles on this planet. That’s probably exactly why the West card turned up today when Graciella and I pulled from the oracle deck.

The West/El Oeste

What’s perfect about this card is that it’s all about looking within. The water reflects us like a mirror. We can’t really look outside of ourselves and hope that change will be made out there. By someone. By someone else. That’s an awfully frequent hope that I have. Someone else will do something. But what is that thing that we want changed that we can’t do ourselves? I’ve promised myself that I won’t be a political lout for the next year and then some. I’ll just keep being my spiritual self and vote when the time is here again, but already I’m rattled. Sorry if we don’t share political views but that’s okay. It’s important for all of us to speak our voices out into the world.

There’s lots of finger pointing even among friends. What are you doing? To be quiet is to be complicit I read a lot on social media. But what if we’re just not announcing what we’re doing? And what if we are announcing what we actually are not doing but feel would get a rise out of others. All these thoughts are quieted when Graciella’s energy merges with mine and we pull the cards. What is my message that I am to share with you? It’s to look at our reflections in the deep waters. It’s the message of introspection. Graciella is my calming influence and I’m grateful to be in touch with this wonderful spirit guide. The image depicts me. A big old rock in the ocean. The waves may crash all over me but I’m to remain steady. Maybe there are crusty little algae and the like growing on my shiny surface. They may be annoying but we can live together. The larger majesty of the Mother’s will eventually overtakes us with one huge whoosh. We are quieted again and ready to enjoy the serene beauty that envelops us.

Not sure if this week’s message is clear. The message is Look Within. That’s where it starts and that’s where it ends. The endless cycle of the ocean’s wave are like eternity. It goes on without us. Look within. Do your part. I’ll try my very best to do mine.

In love and light and sparkly water,

Theresa and Graciella

Graciella la Gitana Weekly Spiritual Reading

As usual the week was a blur. It’s Monday evening and I’ve pulled this week’s card from Graciella la Gitana’s Oracle deck. This time I didn’t smudge with sage but did ground and center- allowing myself to merge with Graciella’s loving energy.

If you’ve started working with your personal deck you’ve probably become familiar with Graciella’s energies that are compassionate and embracing. After a time it is easy to distinguish the differences in her spiritual presence as to your own beings. There’s a certain lightness and confidence that I believe comes with her wisdom and wit.

Today, together we pulled the Fear/Temor card. There was no trepidation when I tuned the card over after I’d shuffled and fanned them out in order to pull it from the deck.

I remembered a story about this card. Once I’d pulled it and was a bit fearful as I anticipated what was to come that day. When I arrived at work, one of the staff members ran to me and disclosed she’d inadvertently shared a pie with other staff members that I’d received from a company we’re affiliated with. She was terrified wondering my reaction would be. In this image, we see the round disk or pie that the female is holding. I was relieved when I realized that was the image or situation I’d almost dreaded. We have a good laugh. I don’t need a whole pie but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t eat it if I had the opportunity.

In this reading, I see the feminine energy leaving the old ways that is represented by the institution behind her. It can be anxiety producing to leave the old and walk towards the new. Unburden yourself at a pace that’s comfortable for you. Walk toward what resonates with you and away from that which no long serves you. The greenery shows a full lushness in the environment that surrounds her.

Let me know how this reading may show itself in your world this week. Tell me how you experience Graciella’s energies. We’d both love to know.


Theresa and Graciella

Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

This weekend we accomplished so many things. The most important was grooming our doggies. They are summer ready now. We hung out for a while and then decided that an early evening walk was in order. I’m still recuperating from all the book events of last week that were amazing. The walk in the park, my favorite playground, was calming, restful, and meditative. It was a great way to end a lovely Sunday.

I burnt a good bit of sage in the abalone shell and smudged myself and the deck and most of the apartment to be exact. I remembered to open the window so all the energy that doesn’t belong in the room could leave. I centered and asked Graciella what is it that she wanted to share this week. I shuffled the cards, fanned them out on the desk and closed my eyes allowing my fingers to find the concept. The fool/tonto card was revealed. Who wants that? Especially after pulling it last week. I had thought carefully about my choices that day, not wanting to be foolish. It wasn’t until the end of the day when I was about to fall asleep that I realized the situation when my foolishness occurred. But let’s move on to this week’s reading.

The image is that of a man reaching through clear waters for a treasure. He is not looking toward it though and is distracted by a shiny light coming his way. I usually see this light as card headlights, but today I rather think it’s an explosion happening somewhere in the forest. There is a rabbit, that I know to be symbolic of fertility but also of fear. The rabbit is usually a careful sort who resides in his warren with this friends, family, and brood. The network he or she has created is meant for safety. These connections of burrows are made carefully and wisely. It’s significant that this rabbit has stepped out of his safety zone. What actions are you planning to take this week that may cause distress? Is your eye on the prize? Is it worth it? The man is holding a purple cloth in his left hand. I believe it’s a sack to put his stolen treasures in. Will you be caught in the act of something that may not be the wisest choice? The notion of coming out of one’s comfort area can be a frightening one. Be certain that when take an action this week, it is a thoughtfully made one. There is no need to do anything alone. Taking a chance is recommended and can be fun. But make sure it’s one that can withstand the light and doesn’t have to be hidden in the dark.

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa


Honoring our ancestors on Juneteenth

What did they do on this day in 1865?

Who were they?

Would a statement of freedom ever truly encompass all the aspects of their lives?

Did they hope it would?

Is it too late to change the past?

I have many questions

I light a white candle for those who came before me

I pour libations for their spirits

And to never forget from where I come