Graciella la Gitana Oracle©️ Daily Spiritual Reading. Water.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle©️Water

Graciella shares her wisdom and compassion through her words.

Water: Graciella encourages us to increase our awareness of our waters.

We are born from our mother’s waters. We drink water for hydration and for survival. We play in fountain sprays. We sometimes cry on rainy days. We sprinkle our lawns with water to ensure their verdant green. Water is used in many religious ceremonies and initiations.

Make some time today to reflect on your relationship with water. Give yourself the space you may need since water is of our emotions. Take the opportunity to see how deep your relationship with water is and go still further into water’s profound depths.

Water is sacred. It belongs to our Great Mother who is in form with it. It is She. Reflect on how you may afford more protection and love to water. Water is our hope and salvation.

In love and light

Graciella and Theresa

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Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Saturday, April 25, 2020. Spiritual Reading

Graciella la Gitana Oracle© Fool/Tonto

Graciella speaks. I channel her words, wisdom, and sentiment. –Theresa

Graciella asks us to look below the surface. She advises that to become at one with the self that we not look outside of ourselves. Fear is associated with the rabbit that multiplies at exponential rates. We are caught by outsiders and are easily caged if we are uncertain at what lies beneath our surfaces.

Is the treasure that is you within your reach? Are you ready to dig deep for it? Is your treasure hidden or just out of reach?

Have trust in the waters of the Great Feminine. She will always be there to support you. Go beyond the learned ways of the masculine. Your softness, your pliability, your emotion is all that you need at this time.

Give over to the Mother.

With light and love,

Graciella and Theresa

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Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Monday 3-30-2020 Spiritual Reading

Graciella has asked me to do daily oracle readings during this time for you. We are in a different time and for those of us who are inclined to do so, we are being asked to respond spiritually. I am happy to share her wisdom and compassion.

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

This morning, I pulled the Autumn/Otoño card.

Graciella la Gitana Oracle. Autumn/Otoño

This card speaks to the bittersweet letting go of things no longer serving us in the world as we’ve come to know it. Symbolized by the beauty of the falling leaves, almost all of us have experienced a time when we’ve had to move forward, leaving something or someone behind. We may have been attached to things as we know them. There is a saying “The two things I hate most in life are when things change and when things stay the same.” That saying may be most applicable at this time.

Each of us on this planet, is experiencing disruption, loss, illness, death, or a change in plans that we hadn’t accounted for in our visions. We move in sync with the energies that surround us. Ask for help in your prayer. Ask for ways that you might be in service to our planet. Today is a day of leaving behind what is no longer fruitful. It may be a pattern, a habit, a thing to be relinquished that we are loathed to do.

Go deep within yourself during your meditation today. What may I give over in surrender? Who must I give over in surrender? Why am I kicking and screaming? What help is there for me as I walk my new path.

I am love

You are love

We are love

In light and illumination,

Graciella and Theresa

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Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

Back in the saddle or I should say in seclusion. Not that I’ve left . I did go to work a couple of mornings last week as essential personnel. I had my letter from the government allowing me to go there. By Wednesday, I knew I had to work from home. Too many close ups. I’m not ready for anymore at this juncture of the viral spread. I’m doing my part. I’m staying home except for needed walks for my doggies, a run here and there and occasional grocery shopping.

This morning I pulled the weekly card from my Graciella deck. Lo and behold! Of course! I pulled the Prisoner/Prisionera card. Could any card be more accurate of today’s state of affairs? I think not.

Prisoner/Prisionera Card from the Graciella la Gitana Oracle

Graciella speaks; I channel her words and sentiment- Theresa

The image of the woman sitting in prison, behind bars, looks to be a melancholy one. When will release happen? The sadness that is in her countenance is felt. The countdown scrawled on the wall says so much to each of us in a personal way.

If we look closely we see the sun rising in the horizon. The sun may be symbolic of enlightenment, new life, the new day- each of which we should be grateful for when we are in sync with our Higher Powers. The parrot can leave through those bars at any time but chooses to stay with her and to offer reflection on the words she says aloud. The parrot echoes into the Universes her words. Are her words of prayer, of hope, of acceptance that while things may not be as the woman would like, she holds true to what is needed at this time? What words are you using during this time of deep reflection? What are you, your loved ones, or your little ones echoing out into the Universes?

The woman is indicative of the Feminine aspects of ourselves: intuition, knowing from deep within, the soft side of our dual natures. There are rituals and ceremonies that we hold deep within our consciousnesses that are accessible in this time of quiet seclusion. Go deeply into your being and retrieve that wisdom that is available for you at this time.

At the end, we will be released. How do you foresee that? What are the ways that you will wish to discard and to retain as you prepare for the end of this sojourn?

May you carry the light and love of the Universes within you,

Graciella and Theresa

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Reliving the Panic

The method of transmission is different, but this pandemic is bringing me back to the days of being a bedside nurse in the early 80s during our introduction to the AIDS crisis. I recall attending emergency conferences at Beekman Downtown Hospital for a new phenomenon called GRID that stood for Gay-related immune deficiency. It was called that incorrectly. We eventually found out that we could all be diagnosed with this disease. A nun was one of the earliest cases. We, as nurses, put one and one together and realized that any of the patients diagnosed with FUO, fever of unknown origin, could indeed be carriers of the disorder that became known as AIDS, Autoimmune Deficiency Syndrome.

My son was preschool age, my daughter a year old in 1982. I went to work daily and masked, gloved, and garbed myself in isolation gowns during that hot summer and for years thereafter. I removed my uniform as soon as I returned home after my twelve-hour shifts. I didn’t want to spread the infection I was sure I had also contracted. I was fearful. Just before we had been conferenced on adhering to strict isolation protocols, I admit that I didn’t wear gloves for the first few years of Nursing. It seems ludicrous now, but that’s how it was many years ago. A friend shared how they used to scour the surgical instruments in a large sink, gloveless. The water became blood red as the nurses prepared them for autoclaving. We were not careful but many of us were spared.

I haven’t written about those days. Those times are chapters that have remained hidden in the desk drawer of my mind. I haven’t been struck by poetry describing the terror of the dying.

The beautiful young men.

The beautiful young men who died.

The beautiful young men who remain in my memory.

Sometimes I hear a glimpse of poetic verse and I turn away. I haven’t emotionally readied to deal with them. I didn’t talk about them in my therapy sessions. I’ve told no one about my afternoons changing bloodied and dirtied linen, washing young skin, some flawless and some filled with Kaposi Sarcoma lesions. I’ve told no one about knocking on apartment doors and no one answering. I’ve told no one about bawling in the isolation of my car where no one could see. I’ve told no one of the haunted eyes of mothers and fathers who knew they were dying as they fed their children lunch.

I believe this pandemic has opened that part of my heart that held those days like a clenched fist. I’m slowly allowing the blood in my heart to fully circulate through my being. I may begin jotting short stories about Richard, Kenny, and Roberto. I may write a line or two or maybe a haiku.

This is one thing that I’m thankful for in this time of dread. My heart has once again been struck deeply with love.

We’ll see each other on the other side.


Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

Between yesterday and today, we entered a period called Mercury in retrograde. Of course, my internet was awry all day. That happened right on cue. Be sure to note that communications may be amiss. Don’t be so hard on yourself or others. There’s much more up in the air than our cluelessness. Maybe someone didn’t return a call. Maybe there’s an email that never made it to an intended person. These are the things we experience when Mercury is in retrograde. What we can do is be mindful, go slow with the tides, and not try to escalate matters. This period will last until March 10, 2020. We can look at this time as one of taking a break in aggressive communications, we should read all the fine print, and be cognizant of going with the flow. Mercury as matter is slippery, toxic, and can fall easily between the cracks. It’s a trickster, as Hermes Trismegistus, also known as Mercury, can be. Breathe. In fact, it’s a good time to read up on Hermes the good old fashioned way- with a book. Not in the electronic realm. That may prove to be irritating as electronics are the first to go kaput during these periods. I’m not mad at Mercury though. We all need to go retrograde every once in a while.

This week’s Graciella la Gitana card is The Friendship/Amistad card. Graciella’s message about friendship is that it is one of the cornerstones of love and life. Building friendships slowly is the groundwork for lasting relationships. We sometimes meet people and, because of their bonds with others we care for, we may assume that we will have a firm friendship with that person too. We trust our first bonds and believe that a new bond or link will naturally grow from that one. Not so. Take your time. Get to know that new person before confiding in them. Have a cup of coffee with them before having a seven-course meal. What does your gut or intuition tell you? Are they too easy? Or conversely, too complicated? All good things take time. A fruit ripens slowly. A flower buds just as slowly. How quickly did it take you to load your bracelet with charms? Was it too quickly and now you don’t have room for any more charms?

In my first book, Covering the Sun with My Hand, Julia calls her friend, Carrie (named for Caridad del Cobre), her lucky charm. The two know each other for years and have been through the thick of it together and often apart, but always coming back to each other to drink from the flute of friendship. A literary friend of mine calls my spouse, “Our lucky charm.” This was only after attending several book events where we noticed a difference in our marketing energy field when she sits with us. We didn’t notice it right away. It’s been years now.

Friendship takes time. We must give time time as we grow our relationships with others and more especially with ourselves. Take yourself out to coffee and you may find you like yourself enough to have a seven course meal with you too.


Graciella and Theresa


Spiritual Family Matters

All Souls’ Day. Día de los Muertos. Halloween. Samhain. Something’s in the air and it may be ghostly. Ghostly can also be described as spiritual. At this time of the year, I love to remind everyone that we are ever closer to our loved ones who have crossed over. We feel something or know in our hearts that there is an energetic charge that may not be so apparent at other times during the year.

Social media posts across the board name announce these autumn times almost as gleefully as a pumpkin latte. But do we drink pumpkin latte all year long? Probably not, otherwise there wouldn’t be so much excitement. Are the face-painted-picture-taking-worshippers attending to their ancestors all year long? Maybe. Are the altar-picture-takers doing so for effect? What is the reason for sharing such personal information about oneself? To prove we are spiritual? Possibly. Maybe it’s to share without words the incredible beauty of one’s life with others as encouragement.

Honoring one’s ancestors sounds wonderful. The ones we recognize may or may not have been blood relations but somehow we’ve forged a relationship with them. We may create a small altar for them with items chosen to provide light and clarity for them as they progress in spirit form. A candle. A glass or bowl of water. A cigar. A cup of espresso. A small bouquet of flowers. Your altar. Your choice.

Some of us may not want to honor our dead, despite what our spiritually focused friends suggest. Theoretically it sounds good. Emotionally it may sting. Our ancestors may have abused or neglected us, our siblings, or our parents. We may be in the process of attempting to sever that link of dysfunctional behavior in our blood line and that’s laudable. Again, your choice.

If that’s how we feel that’s okay. Just as we tend to the mental, physical, and emotional aspects of ourselves, so it is the same with our spiritual selves. We’re advised to see a doctor when starting a new exercise program or a financial advisor when we are no longer able to ignore the letters I-R-A. We’d never be pushed to run a full Marathon on the first day we put on our kicks. We wouldn’t be advised to empty our entire prudent reserve and drain it into a new IRA. One day at a time. Making ourselves healthy can be a long slow process. We could consult a spiritual advisor of our choice or someone highly recommended by someone who’s actions we respect.

When honoring our blood line ancestors we needn’t white wash the past. What’s done is done but we have the ability not to respond as we did in the past. We’re not in the business of expectations but sometimes even with our dead we’re able to heal our relationships with outside help. My own relationships with my relatives who have crossed over continue to develop in a nourishing sort of way. I’m not blinded to truths but I’m open to human failings and strengths- theirs and my own.

For some it may mean lighting that candle and saying a quick ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re forgiven and I’m forgiven’ as actions in order to start the healing process. Maybe next year, we may eagerly await the thin veils between us and the other world as we do our pumpkin spice latte.

How do you manage this time of year?



Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading- The Fortune Teller

Wouldn’t we all like to know where we’re headed? To know what is next on our horizons? For many of us, having a full spiritual life guides us toward the inner knowing that lights our way in this world. Prayer and meditation are essential in cultivating a personal spiritual garden that flourishes with life.

There are so many of us though who are still looking for a spiritual path. Others may be in need of the words or symbols of an outside source to help us remember. We humans all too often forget the roads we are on due to the many distractions we encounter in our daily lives. We may have a question that needs to be answered or someone to help us shed light on a problem that we’ve been unable to resolve.

In this card, the Fortune Teller/La Adivinadora acts as the medium in which we obtain the information that we have been unable to come to on our own. The age old practice of scrying water, tarot, oracles, bones, and shells for enlightenment can be that outside, yet inner source, for us to query. This practice doesn’t change your future, only you can do that. Having more insight into a situation can help to avert or avoid circumstances that one may need to stay clear from or provide clarity and direct one closer to more fruitful ways of living.

Spiritual garden

Think of a spiritual consultation as a way of cultivating your spiritual garden. Guidance on what may need to be weeded out, what perennials to plant, and what annuals or seasonal plantings to intersperse among the others is oh so helpful. Look to outside aide for your queries this week. None of us can do it all alone.

With love and affection,

Theresa and Graciella


Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

Tonight, I made sure to smudge myself and the oracle deck with sage lit in my abalone shell as I prepared to pull the card. We’d spent what seemed like hours in traffic at the Lincoln Tunnel because of a bus fire. I hope everyone was okay there. When we were finally close to home we couldn’t proceed up the block because of police activity. There were obstructions all over the place tonight. I didn’t want to bring that energy into the reading.

After I smudged, I placed the cards down in the manner that I’d learned in a recent tarot class. Graciella was not having it. I felt her insistence that I fan the cards out on the desk surface. Graciella is partial to fans . Together we merged our energies and we pulled the Position card.

The Position Card

I love the idea of the textures and deep reds of the fabrics in this image. We see the female’s back and her alluring shoulders. She’s no innocent and she is at the ready to make a choice! We see only two of the words on the wheel of fortune, the wheel of life. They are fear or love. The female sees that there is more that we don’t see from our perspective. She needn’t get stuck by allowing only the two polar opposites as options for herself. The purple skirt she has tied around her waist and the crowns that are seen in the middle of the wheel show that she is of royalty. She must treat her self as one of a higher nature when she makes her choice. The honorable value of her being is intrinsic to everything in this image.

Have fun as you make choices in your life this week. Take the high road, yet don’t mind being a little risque. Wear your choices in a ribald manner. Be saucy, be earthy, yet don’t forget who you are and what you deserve. Taking a chance at a carnival is the epitome of indulging in trying something new and different.

Let us know how this works out in your world this week! We want to know.

In fancies of love and chance,

Graciella and Theresa


Treading water

I took swimming lessons at the YWCA the summer that I completed the fourth grade, the summer that my sister died. Treading, from afar on the tiled deck, seemed almost relaxing. The counselor had on her swim cap, with the elastic strap and fastener held under her chin. She invited us in almost lazily with a large smile on her face. I couldn’t tell from my angle that her legs were moving furiously under the water. I was tested a couple of weeks later. I timed in for a full thirty seconds. Treading water was something that has always remained a challenge for me. I can float and swim both on my belly and on my back at a decent rate. Treading water seemed synonymous with how I walked on the earth back them. Everything seemed hard.

I haven’t written since January 20. Shortly after that date we’d received the call from the hospice nurse that my Dad was declining. By the 25th, she suggested that we call family for last good-byes. He was moving quickly into his transition. We sat with him for the next three days. We prayed. All of us. Family members wove in and out of the room. He knew us. He gave a little wave of his hand whenever we were in his vision. He crossed over on the twenty-eighth of January. I feel as though I’ve been treading water since then.

There’s usually a check list in my head at all times. It’s part of my monkey-brain. I jump from one thing to the next, making sure that everything is okay. The check list has changed from making sure my dad’s needs were met, to funeral arrangements, and business calls, to now. My check list has turned to re-checking. Was I there enough for him? Did I do the best for him? Was he comfortable? Mostly, was I fully present as his daughter? My head tells me yes. My heart has tricked me a couple of times into feeling I could have done more. My head reminds me that I did the best I could for the man, who at all the stops of life, did the best he could for me. We were a great team.

Last night I woke up thinking that a big part of my life is gone. Duh! Of course, it is. Yesterday, I had a short meditation and there he was walking toward me readying for a game of dominoes. This is a process, not an event. At some point, I’d placed a picture of The Never-Ending Story on my Facebook page. The quote is “Nothing is lost… everything is transformed.” I will see how that will manifest in my life. I feel him. I see him. Our love continues. He is with Mom, my sister, and his parents and siblings again. I’ve been blessed to have him all of these years.

I’ve the deep desire to go to the beach. I know that I can feel him there too. We spent many afternoons there during the last couple of years. It’s too cold to jump in the water. I won’t tread furiously. I think this time I will let the ocean’s energy wash over me in the cold breeze. I will allow the healing to be a gentle process. I will just be.