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Book Review of Coney Island Siren

by Julie Carpenter

“Varela’s portrayal of Maggie’s ordeal is a tour de force in its depiction of a
battered woman struggling to recover her mind and soul.”
~ Kirkus Reviews

“With painstaking care, Dr. Varela carries you on oceanic waves of love, loss, hurt. The reality of Maggie’s world that is so carefully chipped away by her “boyfriend” who dominates her life and leaves you feeling the claustrophobic emotions that literally trap Maggie in this world of no escape.”
~ Maria Aponte
Author Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella

“With elements of magical realism, readers of Coney Island Siren will latch on to Maggie, empathize with her, and think about the real-life Maggie’s in the world.”
~ Anita Martin
Postcards & Authors

“… a novel lives and dies on the creation of real, riveting characters out of which a plot evolves. And that’s what the author achieves in Coney Island Siren. Maggie Fuentes is as memorable as they come. She jumps off the page and into your life and you keep thinking about her even when you’re not reading…Even as you become entranced by her, you want to look away because you feel somehow
complicit just for her being so typically human, so fallible.”