Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

Graciella and I pulled this week’s card as usual. We’d tried last week, but I couldn’t seem to get the post picture inserted. I have to admit I was frustrated and irritated. My spouse and I were planning to go out and I had forty-five minutes to get the post in. Well, forty-five minutes later I was still tooling around with the picture that refused to show vertically. It insisted on a horizontal layout. At some point, I let it go. I needed to move on and that was the card I’d chosen- the traveler. I also felt that I wasn’t ready to start the oracle readings up yet. I needed to do the easier thing. So after three-quarters of an hour of going uphill I gave up. I am in a phase of letting things be so that’s what I finally did. I can be stubborn. It’s a Varela trait.

Today, Graciella and I shuffled the oracle deck. We fanned them out on the dining room table. This time I didn’t smudge. I think it will be okay. Together we pulled the Change/Cambios card.


The card image shows an arm reaching up for a particular cannister. In the process of doing so, it seems that another cannister has inadvertently fallen open. In the sweet sugar or flour that is spilled, there is another image. One of a chain of golden links that is in the shape of a heart. Sugar and flour are usually used to create a baked good or a confection. We may have to work a little bit for the tasty muffin or pie but it is usually well worth it when we bite down into it. While there could be minor annoyances, such as having to clean up a spill, the idea that something unexpected and pleasant may show up spontaneously in a favorable way, is the idea that Graciella would like to share.

A friend had sent me a beautifully touching letter today. She’d read yesterday’s post on the loss of my father and how I am adjusting. At the end she wished me all the courage I could muster as I move forward on this voyage. It was heartfelt and I’m in gratitude at the love sent in that letter. Today’s card speaks to the wonder and fulfillment about to be experienced in changes that will be encountered. I think that they’ve already begun. One example is me picking up a needlepoint piece that I’d put down a couple of years ago. I didn’t have the concentration or the patience to work on that piece. This weekend the ease of the needle work was calming and yes, comforting.

Needlepoint in progress

If you experience an unexpected satisfying change this week, will you share it here with us?

With love and a hug,

Graciella and Theresa


Palabras: Cambios/Change

I’m happy to pull a card from this oracle on this beautiful and warm evening. It’s been a while since I’ve done so. The message that I have received was that I should continue to pull one on a weekly basis and share it on this site. Somehow, I believe that I may have started to take for granted the information received and that it all became mundane. In actuality, there is a joy I receive when using this oracle. I am to stand aside and allow it to speak. I smudged with a good dose of sage, grounded and centered my energy before I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come and share in the card. Together, our energies pulled the card-Cambios/ Change.

Image: The image is that of a woman’s hand pulling a canister down from a kitchen shelf. It is a small canister and fits easily in the slender hand and fingers. There is a larger canister on the table or surface below the shelf. It is open and there looks to be sugar spilling from it.

Words: Expect change in terms of money, times or relationships. There will be a sense of fulfillment and wonder associated with these changes. There may be a rekindling of relationships with children or grandchildren. What you may have consciously put on hold will seem to fall off the shelf and into your lap.

Read: What is interesting in this card is that the person who is reaching for the small canister is virtually ignoring the sugar laden canister that is lying on its side right in front of her. It may seem to make sense to reach for what you may think you want- in this case the smaller canister that holds something still unknown because it is closed. The larger receptacle is open, full of something sweet and just beckoning to be picked up. The suggestion is to not overlook something that is basically trying to attract you for something that you may believe is better for you-which you truly don’t know anything about. What you don’t see in this case is what you want. It may seem like an error or a little messier than you anticipated but it may be just the thing for you. Try not to let your own devised expectations lead you to the lesser which may result in possibly no change at all.