Palabras– Spiritual Oracle: Caridad

After spending a couple of weeks with my daughter, Mara Cordova, the illustrator of this oracle, I am psyched! We spent our time was sharing our creativity, critiquing in the most loving ways and being in truth about what our individual expectations are in terms of these cards and our lives in general. The moon was waxing and, along with my spouse, we enjoyed the triangle of the moon made with Jupiter and Venus. What a wonderful convergence of energies. Today, in the stillness of the waning moon, I centered and with Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide, I pulled the Caridad card. I am excited to the point of sharing the original thumbnail sketch of this card.

©Theresa Varela

Image: There is the image of a pair of hands that are opened. They hold a beautiful flower. On the wrists are bracelets. One is a simple bangle; the other two are more ornate. There is an object at the side. It is difficult to decipher what it is.

Words: Charity, the sweetness of giving without expectation of reward because the gain is in the giving. Providing service for others is the stepping stone for liberation of the self.

Read: Sharing that which is important to one gives the opportunity for the other to reflect, respond responsibly and to in turn share what is vital to them. The ability to do so soberly without expectations is no easy feat. It can be done when one-although in anxiety- can be secure in the knowledge, that the only way to grow is to share that which is essential to them. The saying ‘you can’t keep it unless you give it away’ is only one of the lovely layers of sharing, caring, providing compassion and sincerity. Share a little love today- you may get some back.