Interview with German William Cabassa Barber

German William Cabassa Barber

I’m happy to introduce German William Cabassa Barber. He is the author of “Cazadores de Libros Perdidos: EL DIARIO DE BETANCES” (Hunters of Lost Books: THE DIARY OF BETANCES”) soon to be published by Aignos Publishing. His literary energy seems inexhaustible. I’m looking forward to reading more by this very promising author!

What is your genre and your intended audience?

My genre in this book is adventure, and my audience is every one that wants to read a good book, but in the beginning it was my people, the Puerto Ricans, both young and old fellows, because the book can be enjoyed by both. The book was made also with the intention of bringing our literature to the level of Europe, without losing our identity. You know, to have our own “great saga” that inspires other Latin America fellows to create great stories with national elements, such as historical figures or places. Some people describe the book like “Indiana Jones meets The Ninth Gate set in Puerto Rico.” Other people say that is the most original piece of Literature that they have read. You will tell me.

What are you currently writing?

Well, that one is complex, I am writing many books and searching for a publisher for at least other twenty books, but to answer your question with a concrete answer I will tell you some titles: I am writing “La Transformación” (The Transformation) with my friend Carol Cruzado Roman, that novel tells the story of an FBI agent that awakens from amnesia from a one year coma after an assassination attempt that ended up in a horrifying car accident. He must now recover his life and search for one of the most successful assassins in the history of New York, called “The Invisible Man,” that for four years has been killing all the members of the Ruiz family in the state. The story is a garden of mysteries and lies that Andres (main character) must discover in order to survive and recover his true life and the love of his live. This book is based upon a dream of Cruzado.

Talking about dreams, another book that I am working on is “El Pacto con Hathor” (A PACT with HATHOR),this one is based upon a dream I had and tells the story of Seth and Geth, two half-brothers that are in love with the same girl back in the time of the Ancient Egypt. After the sudden death of the girl, one of them makes a pact with the Egyptian god of love to keep returning to life to find her in order to be happy, but his brother won`t stop at anything to possess what he desires.  He also make a pact but with a different deal. The story brings us from ancient Egypt passing through the centuries to the present times in which this story will end…for now.

I am also working on a novel about a Latter Day Saint New York Detective that has abandoned the church because he has fallen in love with a sensual schizophrenic girl called Tatiana. After all he does with her, that costs him to be excommunicated from the church, she leaves him and disappears for a year. When the detective is trying to go back to where he was, the girl returns and the crimes of a diabolical, but creative, assassin that calls himself, The Artist will change his plans and put the agent to the test one last time. This novel is called “El asesino que no podía dejar de reír” (The Murderer Who Couldn`t Stop laughing”)

Then I am writing a story for all my sons and daughters (I have my own private army, that`s a joke) about family values and a big sister trying to help his working mother raise the little ones, this is called “Hermana para dos” (“Sister for two” or alternatively Play it again, Sister”)

Also I am “finishing” or most precisely “Editing” or co-authoring, (who knows how to call it?)  my father`s only novel (he tells short stories that I later write) called “28 dias en el infierno” (28 days in Hell: a Christian Novel). This story is probably my favorite. It’s about a man that has lost faith and moves way from the church “losing” everything that God has once given him. An illness makes him search for all that he has once lost. This is kind of a traditional story, it’s like his own version of  “A Christmas Carol” because it has a powerful lesson at the end. Finally, a TRILOGY of novels for my beloved wife Sheila Marie Vega Veléz  this are called “El Amor duele” (Love Hurts), “La Beutishan” (The Beautician) and El diary Perdido (The Lost Diary) . I think that`s ok for now. Don`t want to get you bored.

When do you make time to write?

I work and study and have a wife and some very intelligent kids that need a lot from me. All of them are first, but frankly at any moment I am not with them, especially before going to sleep.

What would you have done differently in your writing life? If anything at all?

Be more mature in my early novels and not trust everyone. But I am good with myself:  I do not use bad words and do not use only one style or writing about only one theme, in other worlds I like being “universal”.

Tell us about your marketing strategy.

That`s more complex. I use e-mails, Facebook, and also YouTube, web pages, festivals that may fit with the theme, talking to professors and university. One of the things I like to do is to make trailers of the book that looks like movies. That`s fascinating for me. But the editorial also is important, they point the way.

Does your spiritual or political life influence your writing? If so, how?

Yes, I was raised Latter Day Saint, and that make my characters kind of different but not perfect. They do not live in Utah and go to church every Sunday. They are imperfect characters that learn from the situations of life. They fall, they learn, they rise and they know when to walk way, like the Batman of Christopher Nolan. In this book, I deal a lot with political issues but I try not to torment the readers with it. The same with history, the book deal a lot with it, but is not a History Book. It’s a novel about an important historical Figure and is about kids recovering their own history. Ramón Emeterio Betances is the father of all of us (The Puerto Ricans)… this book is a good book that united us.

Do you have a particular theoretical foundation that keeps you afloat?

Yes. The Holy Trinity: Write about the things you like, write of the things you think a book should be about and write about your personal experience- the experiences you would like to have and the ones you won`t want to have. This makes for a good canon.

What would you like to see in your literary community?

Yes, second Holy Trinity: Discussion, I want people to talk about my book, that people want to know more about it, that people ask for more books, and that they like the idea of a movie or a TV series.  Also, I like to inspire to make similar books in their own country.

This is a little about the book:

“Joe” and Mila have a very peculiar pastime for some young people of our time. They are dedicated to finding, rediscovery and sales of old and strange “lost books.” They are hunters. Their lives change dramatically when one of his clients Endecha, is involved in the reading of a will, which reveals the existence one of the most fascinating books in the history of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean of the nineteenth century: The Doctor’s Journal Ramón Emeterio Betances and Alacán. Together “Joe”, Mila and Endecha are in a race against time to seize it before the book end in the wrong hands, such as those of its greatest rival, a collector who will stop at nothing: Ámel .

Hunters Lost Books: THE DIARY OF BETANCES.

El Diario de Betances

German Cabassa William Barber was born in Mayagüez and raised in Cabo Rojo, is a student in Higher Education in History, Inter American University in San Germán campus. He has devoted much time and effort to Hunters Lost Books series, which is to bring the literature of Puerto Rico at European level without losing our identity. This novel promises to be a truly international phenomenon.