Change happens

Change happens whether we want it or not. There are other powers out there that impact our lives. My spouse said “God is a great technologist” as we drove past the Delaware Water Gap. I agreed as I said, as I always do, “Wow, this is like being in 3D!” It’s my private joke since I like to believe that I live in a pan-dimensional way in this vast Universe.

As pan-D as I am, I still get stuck when change bids hello. Last December, Jury duty called. I picked up all and sat in a court room for two weeks. In January, my mouth opened at one of my part time jobs and I heard myself say, “I quit.” After six years, I knew it was time to quickly skidaddle.

Change, change, and more change. After adding more hours at my other other job, I was finally feeling a bit settled then Boom! my hours were cut, due to funding, and I am about to change job sites-again.

For this turtle it’s been tough. I despise change. I’ll write when this is over. I’ll blog when this is over. I’ll start that project when I’m settled. Forget it. I’ll do it now. Change is happening every moment. I am slowly learning to welcome it. Like the turtle, my real work on this planet is about healing. I’ll go where the Goddess sends me. I’ll do as She sees fit. After all, She is my employer. I may be slow like a turtle in getting there but once I get it, I truly get it.

Trudging along on my way to a happy destiny…carry on, fellow turtles.