Patrick Neal- Author and Singer/Songwriter


Patrick Neal is a freelance author and singer/songwriter. A self-taught guitarist, he saw how the music tells a story. Over the years, he became influenced by dreams of themed scenarios, taking part in merging them with a unique writing style, as each novel unravels it’s own mystery. The stories he crafts begin to take on a life of their own, as he leaves a glimpse of personal life experiences in each one.

Please help to welcome Patrick!

Hello, my name is Patrick Neal. My first book, Control Factor, was released by Aignos Publishing as of January 28th, 2013 . First and foremost, I have always sought out new music and influences, to further learn the intricacies of the guitar. I feel that Spanish classical music has always been in my heart, for example, the music of Andres Segovia called out to me. Now it is the base of my guitar style, from composing freestyle solos, to learning to play the most difficult of songs (in my opinion, the harder, the better). At first, I found that the connection between the mind and the hands was the most difficult, only after years of practice and long hours of translating classical music, piano and guitar, to my guitar; this is something I have achieved, and always is a work in progress.

Years ago I wrote a particular classical piece, based on simultaneous ascending and descending notes, in the key of E Minor. I since left it on a mental shelf, to use with appropriate vocals at a later time.

I then began writing a song entitled, “Mi Corazon”, that I needed to be translated to Spanish. I asked Jon Marcantoni, a colleague and mentor of mine, to translate the song to Spanish. Because English doesn’t always translate to Spanish clearly, Jon was able to revise and edit my version into one that would capture the same message, without losing meaning. If anything, his revised version has defined the meaning. My vision for the song is for the lyrics to be sung by a woman in Spanish, preferably with Valerie Fernandez, as I play my classical piece. I am happy with the finished product. This song represents a love that can bridge the gap between different cultures and languages. I am including both sets of lyrics with a sample of the song, “Mi Corazon.”

My English version started out this way:
Mi Corazon-

My heart alone
Cannot decide
Between truth
And disguise
Is this a dream?
Behold beautiful scenes
The true measure
Sharing earthly pleasures
Beating in my chest
Savoring the best
Your confusion is yours alone
Feel it to the bone
Mi amore siempre vida

Within my heart
Secrets locked away
Dreaming of love
And passions unreal
Craving affections
From a love so true
Losing myself into you
Fearing the day
I can no longer feel
Give it time to heal
Your seductive infection

Jon’s revised-revised edition:

Mi Corazón
Patrick Cummings

Hombre (pause)
de burlas
Dime si es sueño este amor
Algo de espuma
O algo duro
Dime si las vistas bonitas
Lo’ placeres
Y las promesas
Son mentiras

Quedas confundido
Pero soy cierto
Que mi amor es sincero
Hasta mis huesos
Que alcanzan hacia la eternidad

Lo’ secretos entre mi corazón
Que sueñan de amor y pasione’
Anhelan los cariños
De tu amor verdadero
Y yo pierdo el miedo,
El control de mis emocione’
Y sin dudo grito a lo’ cielos
Que te quiero

Dime, dime corazón
Que no llegara el día
Cuando vas a acabar
Este amor enfermo (2x)

I’m most excited to share his music, sung by Valerie Fernandez. I have found it quite haunting and lovely. You can watch this wonderful and fresh live recording by clicking on the link below:

Control factor book cover

This is a description of Control Factor. It can be found at Amazon. The link is below the description.
A sparse human population, in this well-detailed future post-apocalyptic novel, nervously co-exist with the saurian, the decendents of biologically modified super soldiers engineered during the unwinding of our world. It is against this strange backdrop that an unlikely hero, Joe Flannigan, rescues Eva from a cult commune, and invokes the rage roiling inside of its mystical and messianic leader. Follow Joe and Eva’s journey, as the man possessed with a supernatural affliction pursues them, controlling all who would dare block his own will or the evil that controls him.