Creating a personal altar

I’ve heard individuals ask about creating a personal altar. They question whether they could build an altar to a deity or spirit. Of course one can. An altar can be created that pays strict homage to one’s deceased ancestors. The operative word is your when it comes to creating your altar.

There are no rights or wrongs to creating your personal altar. Some of us may have a cleared table with a candle or a couple of pictures of deceased relatives along with a small bouquet of fresh flowers on it. Others of us may have a low to the ground table with a small statue of Ganesh sitting on it. Maybe you found a special stone, crystal, or shell at the beach that you’d like to place on your altar. How you create your altar is dependent on your beliefs and your tradition.

Remember that your altar is yours. There’s no competition with who you might perceive to be more spiritual than you. While you may share notes in developing your altar, no one gets to the head of this class.

My first altar was an end table upon which I placed a candle and a wooden flute for a Native spirit who loves melodious music. It stayed that way for a long while as I got to know myself while listening to elders. As I began blooming spiritually, it grew. Right now it’s like a delicious smorgasbord for prayer.

I’m cautionary about taking pictures of my altar and placing them on social media. I just can’t see the value in advertising personal sacred items on the internet. I’m also a pretty private person about my spiritual life.

Finally, I suggest you listen to your heart space as you create your personal altar. Look around you and see what valued keepsakes you may already have in possession that have been waiting for a place on your altar.

In light and progress,