Writing: creating a vision board

Pouring my coffee this morning I was struck by a great idea. The thought that I’d put together a book of short stories about the different neighbors in my novel Covering The Sun with My Hand held me bound. The book I envision will manifest with a little spit and polish and lots of elbow grease.

I love my characters in the novel. Each one has a story and a life. Some of it was left on the cutting floor during edits. That process did not lessen the depth of each character. It’s just that sometimes backstory is backstory until it becomes front page news.

The front of my refrigerator has become my vision board. I’ve drawn book covers on small index cards of projects that I would love to complete. Covering the Sun with My Hand was one of those index cards. I’m three quarter way through Coney Island Siren, that novel that slipped in by way of my God card. The day I placed the cards on the fridge I left a blank one up there too. This is my God card. My vision is nothing without my HP’s vision. It’s not actually a ‘blank’ card but more of an ‘open’ card. At this point I know the difference between what I want former and what my HP wants for me.

Have you created a vision board? What have you experienced by doing so? I’d love to hear.