Finding the Silver Linings

My spouse has been suggesting that we see Silver Linings Playbook together. She saw it a couple of months ago. It’s rare that I feel like going to the movies. It’s just a thing. About confinement. But right about now, I’m confined on an airplane and I’ve just finished watching Silver Linings Playbook.

It’s sort of like being in a theater. It’s dark and no is paying much attention to me as I wipe away the tears streaming down my face. I’m like most people in that I want a happy ending.

The fact is that we don’t really know about endings. We only know about the here and now. As Pat, the main character, says, “we get stuck in negativity.” He also tells us we can use it to fuel us into finding the silver linings in our lives.

This is the story about a young man who has lost his wife, his job and the trust of most everyone around him because of his symptoms of bipolar disorder. Slowly he restores himself with the help of the people who love him. Everyone in the movie is just a tad bit crazy but I happen to think we all are, in some shape or form.

Before boarding the plane, I sent my preface, bio and a few other details to my editor. He is laying out my book. The book that has been my obsession about my obsession with families, with love, commitment, and finding the silver linings in life.

The song that triggers Pat in the movie is Stevie Wonder’s- My Cherie Amour, as it is mine. It brings me back to the loneliness I felt as a kid when my sister died. I’ve had to learn “a strategy,” as Pat’s therapist suggests, to work through that. I even learned to play the song on the guitar-barely. No easy feat.

So my message today is that we all suffer from sort of mental dis-ease at some time or other. Big or small. Complicated or simple. We have to strategize and find the silver lining.

I am one amongst many on the plane today. I will hold onto my seat and watch the clouds as we pass them by, looking for the silver linings.