December’s Full Cold Moon

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The moon is bright in the sky. We look to her for assurance that our romantic desires will be fulfilled. That our notions of a hot cider drink in front of the fire with a love interest will come to fruition. That the scenes we watch on television or in the latest Christmas movie will be scenes that are ours.

While those might be our dreams, we are made of more. Our visions have the ability to encompass many things that we might be too fearful to hope or pray for. But we should anyway. Tonight at the time of the Full Cold Moon, let us desire more for ourselves. Let us look at the work that we have done from our last full moon, the one waned until the sky was dark, and we had to look within our hearts for light. Upon reflecting at what we found deep within, we can now, in true honesty, look outward for the manifestation at this time of moonlight what we worked hard for. Dreaming does not create the explication of the implicate. Action does. It is our everyday practice that becomes material, physical, real.

The full moon shows her full light tonight, as do you. It is the end of the calendar year. The end of a decade. What dreams have come true for you in this last year? What dreams do you have for the coming year? The coming decade? As we head into winter deep, take time to revisit your promise to yourself. Remember that opportunities are headed your way. Be true to yourself as you create your vision. December’s Full Cold Moon is here to help you see yourself as you truly are and to light your way during the darkest nights.

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I’m sitting with my Dad here at his Assisted Living facility that for him is also newly hospice. He just smiled at me as he listens to the fancy headphones that my spouse bought just for this purpose. Los Panchos. His favorite. He has enjoyed having two daughters again after losing my sister many years ago. Sometimes my Dad forgets my name but doesn’t forget Patricia’s name when she walks in the room. I finally have time to shed a few tears in the quiet of this room.

During his last hospitalization we decided there had been enough hauling him back and forth for treatments he wouldn’t have consented to if he didn’t have Alzheimer’s. The staff treats him exceptionally well here and I see their hearts through their actions and kindnesses. He can live out the remainder of his days here without being poked, prodded, and with the serenity that this time on earth should be for him.

This time of the solstice and the waxing full cold mean brings a time for reflection and stillness. It doesn’t matter what zodiac sign we happen to shine under. At my aunt’s recent funeral I read the words ‘a time to reap and a time to sow.’ This is the time to be quiet for us. A time to listen for what is important and to allow what is not to fall to the wayside. A time to remember all the good things that life has brought us. A time to let time standstill.

My Dad has been awfully good to me. Always. I’ve sat in his car reading comic books while he tooled around with the engine. I’ve listened to him sing and play guitar with his brothers and in the quiet of our living room. I’ve watched him get up at 4:30am for his daily labors for years without a complaint. My only complaint was that he was strict during my teenage years. I can smile about that now. He helped my children with anything they needed as he did me. He opened his arms to my spouse and played guitar with her.

My Dad is still here with me and I’m grateful. Last night I dreamt a dream that reminded me of my mother and her singing during my childhood. I recently had a meditation of my parents dressed to the nines. Toasting. She’ll be there for him when he crosses over. I feel relief and gratitude about that.

But for now I will allow my soul to be comforted in the time of the cold moon. We are not wanting. We are taken care of. I hope you feel that too.