Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading


For many of us, the leftovers are in the fridge, we’ve hugged our loved ones so long, and we ready for the coming week. There’s much planning that’s been completed and now we begin to plan for the upcoming holidays! For others, this time of quiet has afforded us the time to complete certain tasks and bask in solitude. However, we choose to spend our holidays, I hope for all that the wonder of life is fulfilling and that Spirit has shown you how special you are in this world.

Today, as usual, I smudged with white sage in my abalone shell and centered my energies with that of Graciella, la Gitana, who walks with me. I shuffled the cards from the oracle deck and fanned them out on an uncluttered surface. Together, Graciella and I chose the Sun/Sol card.

The simplicity of this image is one that always surprises me in its beauty. Graciella walks the desert with her camel. There must be a certain trust in the environment to take this action. The aridity and barrenness in the image invites one to acknowledge the certain need to believe and have faith in what is happening or may occur in the environment or situation. The blueness of the sky is stark, yet pleasant, to the eye. The sun is seen, in this particular case, like a opening one may reach into. If one chooses to reach in, he or she must take care not to be burned. If we are aware of our protection, we must use it. Before we avail ourselves of situations that may not be to our best interest, we should take stock of what we may need. Do we need basic survival tools, like a cloak, a canteen or two filled with water for you and your loyal beast? Food that will not spoil? A balm for one’s burning lips?

Go forth, this week and allow yourself to be aware of the areas in your life that may be illuminated with information or knowledge that is brought in honest frankness. We might not find ourselves in the desert, but be prepared. The sun lights areas with sometimes uncomfortable radiance. Don’t we want to know? Don’t we want to see? Don’t we want to be prepared? While seeing with such clarity may be anxiety provoking, it will bring us exactly what we need and ultimately want to know.

With much light and love,

Graciella and Theresa



Palabras: La Muerte

After a brief hiatus, I sat to pull this week’s general oracle reading. I was a bit annoyed with myself for having missed a couple of weeks. I thought about it and realized that I needed to take a break and did. There’s much to say about replenishing oneself. While I hadn’t been pulling cards and some of my other usual activities, I’m very happy to say that I’ve started a new novel. It isn’t the one I had in mind. That almost completed first draft, along with outline and running synopsis is sitting quietly in its folder. The new novel is flying out of my fingers at the laptop, on small pieces of scrap paper and on my iPhone. Its characters are telling me the story and I must write it. That’s where I’ve been the last two weeks. Tonight, I smudged with sage, grounded and centered my energy. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come and share in pulling this week’s card. Together, our energies pulled the card-La Muerte.

Image: The image is that of a heavy browed male figure who is crouched behind a stone wall. His dark hair is covered in a bandana. In his right hand he holds a dagger ready to strike at whomever or whatever is coming around the corner.

Words:  Reflect on the actions you are about to make. They may bring discomfort and distress. You can stop what you are doing swiftly. Let you heart bleed into your brain and create a pure channel from which to work.

Read: La Muerte. When I saw the image a shiver went up my spine. I’d heard a song earlier this evening that reminded me of a dark time during my childhood when I experienced the death of a love one. That song was popular at the time and its promise was for a better time to come. Instead, I struggled with years of darkness and whenever I heard it another shoe dropped and sometimes a screaming siren came screeching round the corner. During these last few years, whenever it’s played on the radio, I remind myself that I am actually living the better times it promised but have yet been able to shake those little girl fears. My read is that, indeed, fear will make us react in a way that may not be most beneficial to us or the party who is involved in the situation. The man depicted in the card is waiting to make the first strike. Often, when someone is fearful of something they come to it in a defensive stance and, at times, quite offensively. Check your motives. As advised, let the compassion in your heart join with the intellect of your mind. There is no need to jump at shadows. We often see weird distortions when it comes to poorly lit areas and situations. Be ready to respond to what is coming, there is a transition of sorts on its way, but don’t kill it before it happens which is what you may do if you react in fear.

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle -Oscuridad y El Pillo

Jupiter shows its beauty along with Venus and the Earth’s Moon. We were blessed to come upon a man who’d brought his high powered telescope out onto the avenue tonight to share with passerby. We were very pleased to see Jupiter and its moons, something we’d never had the opportunity to be present for before, at least in this lifetime. The evening energy was extremely sweet. Choir music wafted from a place unknown to us. The wholeness of all this brought a very magical energy to this evening. Upon arriving home I smudged myself and the cards with sage. After centering, grounding, shuffling the cards, I invoked the energies of Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide and together we pulled the cards- Oscuridad- The Dark and El Pillo- The Crafty One.

Image: Oscuridad: The image shows itself today as the figure of a female sitting comfortably on the floor or a cushioned area. The body is steadied by the arm and hand it leans on for groundedness.

El Pillo: The image is a figure of a young boy who is running down the street with his hoop and stick in tow. A small dog runs behind him, eager to play with these toys. The boy has the look of a wizened old man when his face is scrutinized closely.

Words: Oscuridad:  There may be temporary blindness. The possibilities of the path may be obscure. Walk slowly and steadily. Grope outwardly when needed. Pick another card to work with this one in order to achieve an increase sense of light. Never alone but with another.

El Pillo: Sly as a fox. Not to be blamed or outdone. Crafty and clever. Used as an errand boy to glean information. Send him or be on the outlook for him to reflect your own actions in the world. One may be fearful of him but he is a child or childlike in his ways.

Read: We don’t have all the answers. None of us do as much as we’d like to believe that we do. Look at the situation that you would like to be read. Look again. There are probably thoughts, visions and information that you can receive but the future is the future. Today I am being cryptic, you might say. That’s fine. If you look closely into the information of these cards, you will receive some answers. The reality is that when the time is right, when the future event you have questions about arrives, that is when the answers will be revealed. Look to the little one. He will afford you many answers that will keep you at the ready for the upcoming event. The feminine of the dark and the masculine, in the form of a child, partner together. Don’t forget to have fun while you wait for your information.

Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Fertility.


Rethinking, revising, rewriting. These have been the three major elements of my weekend, thus far. I started my morning, as I have been for the last five weeks, writing my three pages as suggested in Julia Cameron’s The Prosperous Heart. I’d woken up on the negative side of the bed but by the time I finished the pages I had taken a turn toward the positive. The old shadows and doubts were cleared away in the process letting in room for light, excitement and anticipation of my continuing process. In fact, I realize that my personal writing has taken on a new slant. It now includes affirmations that I believe and clear visualization of goals achieved. Wow. These three pages have become a mix of prayer and meditation. They allow me to de-clutter, de-stress and disavow the stuff that “yuck” is made of. Having finished part of my morning plan earlier than I anticipated, I decided I would use this time to pull the weekly card. This leaves my evening open for free time to be me and enjoy the fruits of my work. I shuffled, smudged and fanned the cards out. I centered and allowed Graciella la Gitana’s carefree energy to merge with my own. We pulled the Fertility card.

Image: The image is that of a bulging pouch filled with jewels and gems that spill out onto a background of dark velvet.  

Words: About to give birth. Pregnant with the abundance of life. Giving forth to that which is expected, yet that which is still unknown. Keep steady as this new beginning bursts forth. It is rich with possibilities. The potential realized is forthcoming.

Read: New cycles in life and work are apparent in your life today. Look to where it manifests. Is it a novel, is it a baby or is it the tiny sprig of green that peeps in your garden this fine day?  Each one of us is blessed with a creative center from which that we generate takes form. It’s important to get to know your personal creation. What is that thing that makes your heart swell and allows you to feel the abundance of all that is good in this life? It may be different from that of your best friend or closest colleague and only you can determine exactly what it is. We may be infectiously affected by that of someone else and that may be your clue as to where you decide to place your energies. Have you thought of spending time with something that your neighbor is now doing? You wouldn’t be ‘stealing’ their idea. You might go along with them to that new yoga class where you will find the ‘you’ that’s ready to emerge. Taking sewing or fencing classes with a buddy will help you to cut your own cloth. There is crazy excitement in beginning a new creation. Yes, if it is a baby you will tend to spit up, crying, piles of soiled lap pads but that would never negate the joy that the baby brings to your life. Just the same, a novel will bring a sense of accomplishment and pride when you see the bound pages and intriguing cover. Rock on, people, enjoy the tedium and the hard work; it will only bring the joy you so deserve!

Are there any new or old ‘new’ projects you’d like to share about here? Are there stumbling blocks you’ve encountered or ways that you’ve found that cleared the obstacles?

Palabras: Loyalty

I sit at a window overlooking the woods. There is snow coming down and the flakes seem to be getting    larger. Today has been one of those days that I take a minute to give thanks for the abundance of wonderful people, opportunities and “stuff” that I have. I took a moment to smudge myself and the cards with sage, I centered and then I asked Graciella, La Gitana, what her message for us is today. I felt her presence as light as a breeze as I pulled the card with her. The card that we chose is the Loyalty card.

Image: The image for this card is of a cloaked woman who is standing at a crossroad. At this intersection stands a large cross with some flowers planted in the earth surrounding it. The figure stands amid what seem to be miles of pasture land. We cannot see the woman’s features because her back is turned away from the reader. Her hood hangs and her hair seems to be wrapped in a sort of turban-like headdress.  She holds what looks like two pieces of palm or twigs in her hand.

Words: Loyal to the situation to a fault. Are you loyal to yourself or to what is expected of you? Lift your head and your eyes to the sky. Be brave.

Read: The figure stands at the crossroads and there is actually the figure of a cross there. It looks like the ones that are left to commemorate the life of a person whose life has been taken in an accident. There are so many ways to read this. The possibility of not going on with our own lives because of the traumatic loss of another is something many of us contemplate, at probably some unconscious level. How can we go on despite the fact that others meaningful to us no longer have the opportunity? This type of thinking may not be consigned only to death. All too often the survivor of whatever discomforting experience may feel guilt about continuing forward and living fully as their path warrants. The symbol of the cross may of course be taken as a religious symbol but it doesn’t have to be limited to that. The number four is known for its expanse of its significance. A few meanings that come to mind are the four corners, the four directions, and the four seasons. While three is the number for transformation and change, actually crossing the intersection brings solidity to the change that we expected or feared when we happened upon the opportunity to make a change.  Go across that street or that barrier that you may have erected for yourself. While we are responsible for our own decisions and the awareness of the consequences of the actions we take, we are not responsible for the responses by others. Being accountable and answering for our actions impacts our decisions. In our thoughtfulness we may also be brave- guilt is not the same as responsibility.

Palabras: La Romantica

Taking advantage of getting away for the weekend, there was plenty of time for me to write, cook, eat, and watch movies. I stayed in my robe a good part of Saturday. This was all very unlike me and I loved it. I’m the one who is usually up before dawn charging forward with a list of things to do. The past few weekends have been hectic as have my work days. I decided to pull the card early today. Smudging myself and the cards with sage, shuffling and fanning the cards out were how I began, as usual. I love routine. Together, Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide and I pulled the card- La Romantica- the romantic.

Image: The image is that of a young girl, long dark hair flowing behind her in the breeze, who is leaving a large estate. Her left hand holds her wrap close to her. The right hand holds onto the wrought iron railing that leads to the stairs. Behind her is a large decorative window. There is shrubbery, apparently well tended, in front of the window. A crease in her skirt, near her creative center, has the shape of the crescent moon.

Words: Slight wistfulness and hope. No promises are made. The day moves ahead without prescription. Know that the universes are in rhythm. Patterns flow. Moving ahead when the time is right. The challenge is to allow it to happen naturally and not attempt to do the shifting.

Read: The romantic one “romanticizes” the actual set of events or possibilities. The dress on the young woman in the card appears to be of light chiffon and the bodice is tight. It reveals a heart shaped top that covers her youthful breasts. The girl looks to be escaping some sort of gala or celebration. She wears no jewelry and her shoes are in the style of Mary Jane’s. Clearly she is not ready for the event she leaves. Her objective brain protects herself and her subjective brain tells her to leave. We see her running down the stairs. When we are immature in our world experience, we find ourselves longing for places, people and things that are far beyond our ability to handle them. There is wisdom to not rushing things, allowing nature to take its course and letting time take time. Surrendering to the larger ebb and flow of life’s cycles provides a safe place to step aside and to wait for our turn- in fulfilling the dream that we so desire.

Palabras: La Muerte

We went to visit a dear friend, yesterday, who is very ill in the hospital; she’s been very helpful to my spouse and me in our spiritual lives. We did energetic healing work, prayed for her and translated “hospitalese” for her son. As a nurse, I take for granted the language of medicine. I hope that I translated it to the language of healing. Afterward, I read a poem I’d written at Bluestockings in NYC with a Latina writing group, La Pluma y La Tinta that I’d helped to found with Raquel Penzo. We’re on hiatus but still get together to read. Busy day, diverse as life can be. This is why I’m pulling this card today and didn’t last evening. I first smudged myself and the cards with sage, shuffled and fanned the cards. Together, Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide and I pulled the card- La Muerte – the death card.

Image: The image is that of a male hiding behind a wall or doorway. He stands with his eyes gleaming, darting furtively. In his right hand he holds a dagger, ready to plunge at a moment’s notice. Is he the hunted or the hunter? Is his fear well-founded or a manifestation of thoughts that are unclear and an inability to discern the truth of the situation?

Words: Reflect on the actions you are about to make. They may bring discomfort and distress. You can stop what you are doing swiftly. Let your heart bleed into your brain and create a pure channel from which to work.

 Read: Frightened at first when I pulled this card, as always. Why is it that the death card- no matter how long I’ve been reading oracles- is alarming? Death is about transformation- from the old to a new way. There are so many ways to read this. We can live in fear and ruminate about something bad happening. We can wait for it-whatever that awful thing is- to take a prominent place in our lives. The truth is that the other shoe will always drop. The truck will come bounding round the corner. Actions that we take are the ones that end up more determining than the one situation we are sure will make or break or lives forever. This message to me is one of taking time to stop, reflect, meditate on what is important and take positive action. It may not seemingly change the events at hand but a pure channel is one that makes living with the consequences and results much easier. Heart and brain together make for a place of serenity when they are linked and not blocked with fear.

Palabras- The South


This week the oracle traveled to the Met, Central Park and Flushing Meadow Park. The illustrator, Mara Cordova, is vacationing back at home in Brooklyn. While not abstaining from a jam packed fun filled week, she carried a few cards with her daily, along with her sketch pad. Graciella is at yet another level of copy. Her beauty and feeling is simultaneously simple with great depth. I am seeing and understanding things that I’ve never before in the cards. Although I started the process by listening to Graciella’s words, my daughter has continued the process and is taking La Gitana’s story to a new level. Tonight, I gathered up the cards, gave them and all of us a great big smudge and centered. The card I pulled along with Graciella was the South card.

 Image: The image is of Graciella. She is standing in a meadow with magnificent trees in the distance. There are flowers at her side. Graciella’s eyes are closed and she is breathing in the energy that surrounds her.

Words: Raise your face to the sun. Trust what is being freely shared with you. There are no answers other than the soft feeling of comfort on your shoulders that offers protection as you travel on your way. All will be shown clearly in its due time.

Read: Immediately I think of the Morning Tobacco Prayer. “To trust and innocence, simplicity, to little mouse, to  the  good road home, to the south, I pray for your power and spirit to come in.” This is one part of a beautiful prayer that I was gifted with many years ago. To share in a spiritual life one is provided with community, one doesn’t have to do anything alone. While we aspire, have hopes and dreams we are also in the great position of not being in ultimate control of anything. Whew! That would just be too much for anyone of us, despite what we may think. I’ve often heard, “I don’t know what Higher Power is but I do know it’s not me.” We are allowed to fret about outcomes, we can pray for things to happen, and gather ourselves up into frenzies, losing all sensibility as we spin. What we don’t have to do is to think we’re in charge. We will be protected and can depend on those who come into our lives to support us, in whatever small ways, as we realize our true potentials.

Let me know how this card takes shape in your life this week. I’d love to hear from you.

Palabras- La Gitana

 Burning sage cleansed the room. A fan of feathers swirled away energy no longer needed. I sat, centered and grounded myself to pull today’s card with Graciella, la Gitana. In shuffling the cards I saw the many different faces and anticipated which card would come forward with its message today. We pulled the card, as I felt Graciella’s energy infuse me. I was ready. La Gitana! Again. This was the same card I pulled the last Sunday evening I sat ready for the read. While this isn’t the celebrate card, this is the message I received. Celebrate yourselves and your lives! 

Image: Graciella la Gitana dances barefoot. She is wearing her swishy skirt, her hair is swinging loose and she holds the tambourine high with ribbons twirling. Next to her sits a male who is smiling as he plays a guitar. On her other side is a parrot who sits on his stand, watching over all. Behind her is a curtain that hides another room. Next to that room is a door that has a ring hanging on it. On closer inspection the ring is shaped like an animal bone-a bull’s horn or the crescent moon.

Words: Tambourine jingling, guitar strumming. Others have told you about your identity. Stories have been told about you. Movies and songs have been written about you. It is important for others to think what they need. You know who you are. You know what your identity is. Keep the mystery.

Read: Apparently Graciella wants us to receive her message again. Celebrate! Dance. Let the vibration of sound course through you. Allow yourself to be the instrument of happiness, your truth, your destiny! It’s none of your business what others think of you. Did you do the right thing? Did you buy the right outfit? Did you serve the right dessert? These things are superfluous to who we are meant to be on the planet. Being who we are, without the need to defend ourselves, decreases our tendencies to limit ourselves. We don’t have to offend in order to get our point or ourselves across. Doing this with love is gift giving to ourselves and to those around us. To freely be ourselves is something many of us have walked centuries across to accomplish. Start today, in one action, in one moment.  The gentleness or ferocity of this feat depends on you.

Palabras- La Gitana

This has been a weekend of great personal reward. There were dreams that I’d forgotten I had that actually came true.  It seems to be a theme with me that only when I surrender my hopes and desires that suddenly they manifest before me. It never fails. The days that I say “Today, I will turn it over,” nothing much happens. The times I really let go and allow Spirit to be in charge is when I receive the thing I’ve so been wanting. It may not be in the form I thought I wanted it to be but, nevertheless, whatever it is appears in the form it should be. So, it was important for me to settle in, center, ground myself and then pull the card with Graciella, who it seems, has been celebrating a bit on her own.

Image: Graciella la Gitana dances barefoot. She is wearing her swishy skirt, her hair is swinging loose and she holds the tambourine high with ribbons twirling. Next to her sits a male who is smiling as he plays a guitar. On her other side is a parrot who sits on his stand, watching over all. Behind her is a curtain that hides another room. Next to that room is a door that has a ring hanging on it. On closer inspection the ring is shaped like an animal bone-a bull’s horn or the crescent moon.

Words: Tambourine jingling, guitar strumming. Others have told you about your identity. Stories have been told about you. Movies and songs have been written about you. It is important for others to think what they need. You know who you are. You know what your identity is. Keep the mystery.

Read: The resounding message I heard as I pulled this card is to be yourself, fully and as much as you can. There are always parts of ourselves that we don’t know yet. The old adage “More will be revealed” may be true but there is something to be said for honoring yourself fully today. Obviously, Graciella is depicted in these cards today as dancing in celebration, but of what? She has taken off her shoes and dances barefoot allowing the vibration of what is below to come through her but still being connected to that which is above. Being in touch with something higher is symbolized in the crescent moon-her femininity and faith in something greater than herself that illuminates her. We can say that the male sings and she dances. This is truly symbolic of her two natures- the masculine and the feminine together- complementing each other. She is not afraid to be herself, in full regalia, of a woman who loves life. The parrot is also colorful, exotic and will repeat everything that it hears. She is not afraid to be herself. While others think they know her they can never know her as much as she does herself. To thine own self be true.