Writing: A dash of humility


I happened upon author Wally Lamb’s Facebook page. Wow. He has lots of friends and humility. His cover photo shows his novel covers. Wow again. Simple. I’d been browsing through a friend’s face book page and saw she was friends with Wally Lamb. So I went to check his page out.

I didn’t try to find his website. He must have one. Most of us do. That face book page satisfied me. It seems Mr. Lamb is writing another book and is just as excited as everyone else-us, his fans. I decided not to try to friend him. What would be my motive? It’s just nice to know he seems like a regular person and I love his books.

There are other “famous” authors’ pages I’ve tried to check out. They aren’t easily found. I’ve gone to their websites and they aren’t blogging like the rest of us wannabes. One author, who I used to respect, has a line on her website home page that says I’m not blogging because I’m writing. Oof, that one hurt. Another well respected author I’ve loved had a place on her home page where one could contact her. I tried. She never answered. Why? Because she’s probably writing.

Is it a sin to be accessible to your readers? How does one go from being a hopeful author, to one who is grateful for their fans, to I’m too important to connect with my readers? This curious writer would love to know. Hopefully as I grow as an author I can avoid the pitfalls of being too big for my britches. Wally Lamb did it. Maybe so could I.