New Voices Reading Series at La Casa Azul- January 27, 2013

January 27, 2013

Come and join us for readings from mostly new and as yet published writers. The New Voices Reading Series was started by the writing workshop La Pluma y La Tinta. This group was co-founded by Raquel I. Penzo, the JadedNYer, and yours truly, Theresa Varela, about three years ago. We travel to different forums for our readings with different writers each time. We will be happy to be returning to La  Casa Azul, the happening Latino Authors’ bookstore in NYC in Spanish Harlem.


La Pluma y La Tinta: Call for writers to read!

Hello Writers!
The next New Voices Reading Series event at La Casa Azul Bookstore in Spanish Harlem will be on Sunday, October 21 from 4-6PM. I invite you to either sign up to read or be an awesome supportive audience member!

Please email me if you’d like to be a featured reader at and feel free to pass this on to other writers who’d be interested.

About the New Voices Reading Series:
This literary reading offers unpublished or new writers & poets the opportunity to share and promote their work. La Pluma y La Tinta began as a writers workshop for Latinas based in Brooklyn, New York, and has evolved into a web portal and “home” for all writers.
Happy Writing!


Palabras: La Muerte

We went to visit a dear friend, yesterday, who is very ill in the hospital; she’s been very helpful to my spouse and me in our spiritual lives. We did energetic healing work, prayed for her and translated “hospitalese” for her son. As a nurse, I take for granted the language of medicine. I hope that I translated it to the language of healing. Afterward, I read a poem I’d written at Bluestockings in NYC with a Latina writing group, La Pluma y La Tinta that I’d helped to found with Raquel Penzo. We’re on hiatus but still get together to read. Busy day, diverse as life can be. This is why I’m pulling this card today and didn’t last evening. I first smudged myself and the cards with sage, shuffled and fanned the cards. Together, Graciella la Gitana, my spirit guide and I pulled the card- La Muerte – the death card.

Image: The image is that of a male hiding behind a wall or doorway. He stands with his eyes gleaming, darting furtively. In his right hand he holds a dagger, ready to plunge at a moment’s notice. Is he the hunted or the hunter? Is his fear well-founded or a manifestation of thoughts that are unclear and an inability to discern the truth of the situation?

Words: Reflect on the actions you are about to make. They may bring discomfort and distress. You can stop what you are doing swiftly. Let your heart bleed into your brain and create a pure channel from which to work.

 Read: Frightened at first when I pulled this card, as always. Why is it that the death card- no matter how long I’ve been reading oracles- is alarming? Death is about transformation- from the old to a new way. There are so many ways to read this. We can live in fear and ruminate about something bad happening. We can wait for it-whatever that awful thing is- to take a prominent place in our lives. The truth is that the other shoe will always drop. The truck will come bounding round the corner. Actions that we take are the ones that end up more determining than the one situation we are sure will make or break or lives forever. This message to me is one of taking time to stop, reflect, meditate on what is important and take positive action. It may not seemingly change the events at hand but a pure channel is one that makes living with the consequences and results much easier. Heart and brain together make for a place of serenity when they are linked and not blocked with fear.