Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Las Estrellas * The Stars

Feeling the energy of tonight’s big Grandmother Moon, I sit anticipating the coming week and basking in the beauty of the weekend. Feeling loved, being in love and sharing love with others is a simple gift of life. Yet it is something that cannot be bought. I can treasure my relationships and feel secure in the knowledge that loneliness and isolation is something I do not need to experience one day at a time. Tonight I smudged, grounded and centered myself. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come forth. Together, our energies pulled the card-Las Estrellas- The Stars!

 Image: The image is that of a young woman in evening dress walking down a path away from a well-lit mansion. She holds a large quartz crystal in her hands and her wrap is gathered at her waist. Her shoulders are bare and her hair lies in waves over them. Above her the dark sky is lit with brilliant stars. The trees that border the path are bare.

Words: Unconscious of the vastness of the Universes in relation to the smallness of your being. Unaware of the beauty held within. Shift your perspective and sense how you fit perfectly in the constellation of the stars.

Read: On the perfect grid on this Earth being, we too are stars. As it is above, so it is below. Go, as the young woman, to where it feels warm. See yourself as you truly are, a reflection of the goodness of God, Goddess or Whoever, Whatever is that Higher Being that brings you to your higher self. In well- lit areas, the beauty and light of the stars often goes unnoticed. Just as this young woman leaves the well-lit mansion, to where, one can only imagine, allow yourself to listen to the messages within your crystalline being and be who you are meant to be- amongst the other stars on this perfect grid on this Earth being. If you are unsure as to the depth of this message, meditate and you will receive further direction.