BklynBookFest 2014

BBF2014-12014 was my second year joining in as an author at the Brooklyn Book Festival. If you’ve never been there it’s almost impossible to imagine the number of people and books that line the streets. It was almost just as hard for me to believe that I was actually taking part in such a wonderful event. I sat eagerly waiting for my first sale of the day.

Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon I relaxed. I hadn’t sold any books and listened to fellow Aignos author, Manuel Melendez, share his tales of no sales at other similar events. Chris Campanioni, the third Lapizero of our Aignos team sold several of his books and then Manuel sold a few too.


At some point someone randomly walked over and bought one of my books…I was relieved and thrilled. A few seconds later another woman who said she much preferred an ebook bought one too. It all happened rather fast. Two books sold in about six hours. Manuel said I sold them because my spouse who is developing a reputation as a ‘lucky charm’ had arrived moments before the first book sold.

Maria C. Ferrer of Latina book club shared a couple of minutes at our table. She’d just spent some time at La Casa Azul Bookstore’s Booth enjoying some of the readers there. Raquel I. Penzo of La Pluma y La Tinta hung out for a few minutes talking with us about writerly events in that jaded way she seems to have and that we all love her for.

I’ve had time to think about selling two books. Am I upset? No way.

There are countless authors, writers, and there are probably millions of books for sale. I’m one of many. I’m proud of my writing, my novel, and my journey. I’m grateful to have my dear friend fellow authors to hang out with during long hours. My idea of authorship has changed. Of course I want to sell books but the carmraderie of being with others and growing as a business person is something I cherish.