Graciella la Gitana Oracle © Weekly Reading

I’d hoped to have another post done this week before today, but there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Yesterday, I attended The Latina Fifty Plus Organization’s yearly luncheon at Fordham University. The founder, Maria Aponte, was amazing as always. She ran the event flawlessly. To experience the gathering of a large, too often invisible, community who dedicates themselves to various much needed activities and projects, is heart warming. I hope Maria will mosey over here and blog about her dream organization and how it has grown over the last six years. I, at least, can hope she’ll let me interview her as soon as the confetti settles!

After a spiritual activity earlier this afternoon, I began to prepare to pull today’s card. I had pulled the Traveler Card this morning and felt that maybe I wanted to talk about that one. I pulled a card to ask Graciella la Gitana what she preferred, together we pulled the Position Card. That told me that I had options and could do whatever I wanted. So, the Traveler/Viajera card it is. I love Graciella la Gitana.

The Traveler/La Viajera

I also love this card! La Viajera, the traveler, was originally called La Moderna. La Moderna, the modern one, is a woman who goes against the grain and leaves home in a time that was unlikely. Today’s young women think nothing of picking up and leaving her family for college, for love, for adventure, and move assuredly along with the knowledge that they’ll be okay. That things will always turn out right. That they could never stay at home without venturing forth and trying on their lives as many of us tried on new dresses.

I believe this card pays homage, in this particular reading, to the young women that the women of the Latina 50 Plus organization represent. We chose to leave our homes when it was not popular. We tried out new things becoming feminists, independent women, who sought out universities, our own apartments, and knew that if we didn’t do these things that our own daughters would not have the opportunities that we had to carve out for them.

The image of the traveler, Graciella reminds me, is of the feminine who closes her eyes and goes within. She travels in meditation across worlds and across not universities, but universes. We don’t have to leave home to enter multiple realms or become aware of the parallel universes and dualities of our lives. We can do that through introspection. So close your eyes and hold onto your seat. You can travel as far as you allow yourself. Let yourself become to be!

In light and love,

Graciella and Theresa