Palabras: Spiritual Oracle- Oscuridad and Sur *Dark and the South

Distracted, but getting lots of tasks, errands and all of those things we make lists of, done. Looking at my bulletin board where I listed several things that I thought were ‘oh, so important’ I see that a few were quickly forgotten. At the time I wrote them down, they were important. Now the list is outdated. Some items should be checked off and others ignored. On this same bulletin board, during her last visit East, my daughter had drawn a picture of a duck in flight, with its bill pointed to the sky. It simply reads “fly.” Good idea! I smudged, grounded and centered. I invited the energy of my spirit guide, Graciella la Gitana to come forth. Together, our energies pulled the card-Oscuridad- “the dark.” That meant I should pull another- it was Sur- the South.

Image: Oscuridad- The dark. There is someone sitting in the dark. I believe it is a female figure. Today I see the hand that is on the floor or seat next to the person’s knees is that of someone else. There are actually two figures in this picture. Never noticed that before!

Words: There may be temporary blindness. One may not see the possibilities of the path on which she or he walks. Walk slowly and steadily. Grope outwardly when needed. Pick another card to work with this one in order to achieve an increased sense of light if needed. Never alone but with another.

Image: Sur- South- A young woman stands with her eyes closed. Her face is turned toward the sun. She stands amidst flowers and trees. She is obviously savoring the moment.

Words: Raise your face to the sun. Trust that which is being freely shared with you. Wear, easily, the soft feeling of comfort on your shoulders. It offers protection as you move on your way. Know that all will be shown clearly in its time.

Read: This reading brings with it a very deep level of comfort. There are things that none of us know but we move forward anyway. As the cards suggest, go with a sense in something higher than ourselves that illuminates our way when things seem dark. Go forward, trust in what has been entrusted to you. It is yours and yours alone. While others may seem to be doing like work, their tasks are as different as we are individuals. At times, we must forge ahead despite the fact we are not sure where we are going. All will be shown in due time. With eyes closed we need not be blinded but instead we are encouraged to walk the red road, of trust, of simplicity, with a deep sense of trust that the road on which we walk is the right road.