Palabras-El Baile- The Dance

I’m in the midst of training for the NYC Marathon; everything seems to take a great effort. Today, I’m in the afterglow of an eighteen mile run and that makes me want to shrug extras off. My legs feel as though they’ve been pummeled. My seventeen mile run last week went so well, that when I returned home, I made a sandwich and went to work for several hours. Go figure. So imagine my surprise when I pulled today’s card, with Graciella, la Gitana, and the Baile –Dance- card showed up. Fortunately, I don’t have to figure it out. Graciella gives me the information.

Image: The simple image for the Baile card is as follows: The focal point is a pair of Mary Jane shoes. The legs are crossed at the ankle and the wearer’s skirt ruffles seem to be lifted to show the ankles and shoes.  

Words: Olé! Skirt encircles your body. Head is thrown back. Arms reach up writhing, twisting, like a snake, teasing, ensnaring. Your shoes tap out the sounds of life’s destiny. In the world, brazen, like the rest who choose to dance and claim pride with certitude.

Read: It seems that whatever it is that you have been engaged in is ready to come to fruition. Like a snake- a metaphorical transformation takes place. Have fun with it. Many people reach out and chose to work on goals and creations that reach the inner core of sensuality. Art, writing, esthetic endeavors should be enjoyed and one may become entranced with the process. Enjoy the dream fulfilled. Take the time to feel the pride of a job well done.